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Life can be busy; filled with either work or school or you know just the normal WhatsApp. But in the age of information, one cannot let a day go by without keeping an eye on what is going on around the world.

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Gone are the days when we had to rely solely on the radio and television to keep us abreast of what is happening the world over.

Today, thank God! we have smartphones, and despite the constant distractions they pose to us at the workplace in staying focused on the task at hand, it can be a helpful tool to keep us updated on what is going on around the world and also help us keep tabs on our favorite sport, hobby or interest.

In view of helping you, our cherished readers stay informed on whatever big story that is making the news from government propaganda to celebrity gossips, here is a list of the best of the best Top 10 websites you must visit daily in Ghana.

Ranked the second most visited website in Ghana by Alexa, the Multimedia Group owned website myjoyonline.com provides news and stories revolving around the happenings in Ghana and Africa as a whole. It is mobile friendly, which means that it fits perfectly for any device size and feels like reading in an app. With one click you can share an article directly from the site to your WhatsApp contacts or share on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
It is a great website to start your day with or checking it regularly to stay updated on everything news and major stories happening on the continent and beyond. You can even ask them to notify you every time something interesting gets posted by turning on their site notification.


This modern mobile friendly website has been offering breaking news and top stories from all Africa and the world at large since its inception.
With a mobile first creative design, the site is ideal for the youth and adult alike who are looking for serious news with a mix of cool entertainment blog posts and celebrity gossips as well as latest trends on various campus across the country.
It has a demography that targets people of all ages and interest as anyone can find what they love with just one visit to their homepage. There is a dedicated page for New York Times featured articles which means you can access international news directly from the homepage.


Just as the name suggests, Citinewsroom is your one stop site for everything that is making the big news in Ghana. Find breaking news and top stories from Politics, Business, Sports, Technology, Showbiz etc. to help you stay informed and updated on the go.
You can even stream clips from CitiTv via their Citi News Room Digital channel. There is a notification bell as well to alert you whenever something juicy drops on the site, like a report on the whereabouts of NAM1 for instance.

For the football fans out there this site is ideal for you. I mean if you are the type who requires a daily dose of sports news to maintain sanity, this is the best place to get all the Scores and fixtures for the season and also check out which team is playing against who so you can place your bet.


Maybe you need a place to just get live update on everything sports without placing bets or having to escape luring ads, then your place to go is goal.com. A simple intelligent website that does exactly what the name suggests; providing football and sports fanatics with trusting news and scores. You might want to bookmark this one; you football freaks. Lol

For those who have already developed the taste for news sources that contains the word graphic in their name like Daily Graphic and graphic and  times (mind you graphic and times is the common name for roasted  plantain and groundnut, not an actual news agency), Graphics online is the right website for your morning dose of news and infotainment.
Redesigned and modernized to suit the mobile platform, this indigenous Ghanaian website owned and operated by Graphic Communications Group Ltd. provides you with up to date and timely information on Politics, Business and almost anything newsworthy or notable. A glance through their menu and you will understand what I mean.
They also feature international news for your convenience. This is your favorite daily graphic made electronic. Enjoy!!!

Searching for a job can be a nightmare sometimes, especially when you freshly step out from Uni. Jobberman is the dedicated website aiming to solve the problem of looking for a job and helping bring employers closer to job seekers.
There are countless success stories out there from people who have landed great jobs using jobberman. Whether you are in school now or working, keep an eye out there (maybe for a brother or sister) and see what opportunities are available. I recommend this strongly for those yet to graduate from the various universities to visit the site once in a while to check what employers are looking for in potential applicants.

Yeah OMG Ghana! The number one hub of Ghanaian online entertainment. What this site contains is an endless list of celebrity gossips and scandals, funny pictures of not so funny people and things and everything that will make your eye pop. Very mobile friendly and I think the fastest website by far on the list. Minimal and strong content to keep you wanting more. While on a break at work, take a quick peek at what is going on there and you will thank me later.

If you are looking for a website that makes you feel like you know the people behind it and can trust then this is the place to get all news and entertainment news from.  Ameyaw Debrah has maintained and even expanded the capability of his website into what is now the most trusted blog in Ghana. Either in pictures or text, you get mature writing and good contents for your daily enjoyment. Plus you can also sign up for a newsletter to receive news articles delivered straight to your mailbox.

Not forgetting the fashion nerds; the slay queens and slay kings, I’ve got you covered.

If are looking for advice on what to wear and how to combine what with what in terms of fashion and style, then look no further than fashion Ghana. Find all kinds of fashion news and everything that is related to fashion on this elegantly designed website that does just what it promises, to give you fashion trends in Ghana and beyond.

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