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2019 is wasting; here are some few reminders

Gradually, gradually 2019 is two months away to the end of the first halftime. Time they say flies when you lose track of it and in our time, losing track of time is pretty much easy. Just wake up and be about your usual social media clicks and likes and the world will sweep by unnoticed.

Clocks in bright sky. Time flies

So with the year almost reaching the end of its first six months, I have decided to drawing your attention to at least 3 important things that you probably promised yourself to do before the year ends, and also to give you 2 basic guidelines to stay on course if you feel drifted away from your proposed goal.

So from these 5 point hacks, I would love to remind you of the necessary and recommend to you the important things you must do to rock 2019 like a pro.

No.1 New Year Resolutions

Do you remember the heart wrenching promises you made to yourself concerning 2019? How you wanted to do this and do that before this year ended? Yeah it is time to remember all that you said during the epoch of personal confession and guilt. New year resolutions are supposed to be your guide for the year; prompting you to take cue from past life’s choices and learn from them while reaching forward to your ultimate goal. So let me remind you that with the year about halved already, it would be prudent you visited the list or lists and review what has happened since you put pen to paper and wrote those decrees.

No.2 Dreams and Desires

It is very certain that you are still where you were a year ago. Nothing really has happened to you, no accidental breakthrough or immediate success has come your way to propel you to that pedestal you had hoped to reach or climb in life. Or maybe you have and you feel satisfied. But I want to remind you still of your dreams and desires in life. The good book says that, where there is no vision, the people resist constraints (paraphrasing one particular version). And that is very true.

Without dreams and goals, no one will amount to anything. Because life would be stale, monotonous and unchallenging. It is only by constant dreaming and hoping through active imagination to attain the desires of your heart will you stay passionate and motivated to aspire in life.Whatever stage you are in, it is not too late to chase your dreams, especially in this year when there are eight whole months ahead of us. I want you to recoup and follow your dream passionately.

No.3 Habits and Attitudes

This is 2019, the year in which we promised an end to all nasty attitudes and destructive habits. Whether it is an addiction or some chronic attitude that is taking you nowhere, this is the time to take steps to killing it. Mortification is part of our human development. In order to grow, we must die and sometimes help in that annihilation of ourselves. We must constantly shred off the parts that weigh us down and sabotage our success and drive. Nothing is disheartening to hear than the fact that we have destroyed our own chances in life, that whatever misfortune befalling us is the workings of our own devices. But many people have impeded their own progress than others or even the devil has the merit to do so. Examine your life very carefully, not nagging about your flaws, but to take an objective look at oneself and see what others might not like about you. Sometimes, this will mean perhaps asking for the opinion of a very trusted colleague or friend and hear what they think of you as a person. Accept their view and begin working your way towards improvement.

Be careful though not to be swayed into giving up on your niche character traits and become someone’s ideal pet, but take a consensus of what two or more people say about you, if something stands out at random from all of them, then you identify that and begin from there. Our attitudes are the only impressions that people remember after an encounter and our habits are the only mechanism that keeps us in line. By developing healthy habits that help us become increasingly good at what we do, we will not be in a queue to success.

So take these simple reminders and start working on the obvious.  Before you go on to read the recommendations, make sure you have taken time to analyze the reality in which you find yourself in and are prepared to do what is necessary. This is because success does not come to those with big ideas, but those who put their small ideas into big use. Without wasting time, here are my top two recommendations for tackling the rest of 2019:

No.4 Don’t Give Up

It is easy to get stuck in the middle of something and the only way-out you see is to quit. But quitting is damn too easy! Stay in course and be gritty about what you set yourself up to achieve. Keep reminding yourself that temporary setbacks are just that—temporary. Sometimes you are sure to run dry on motivations. You will forget the most important reason why you even begun this journey in the first place. Maybe it’s about sticking to a diet to lose weight or burning more candles at night to improve your grades while everyone sleeps and snores. Or whatever it is, you were very certain that you had to do it, but now feel reluctant to even entertain the thoughts? Just don’t give up no matter what you do. Keep on keeping on, and take those incremental little trudged steps. You will certainly get there, Joel Osteen will shout, “You are closer than you think”. So don’t ever give up.

No.5 Review and Specify Goals

Often times we do like the ancient Pharisees and become enslaved by our own rules. Maybe on your spiritual attainment goals, you set a target to pray for a particular number of hours each day, you begun the year doing exactly that but now finds it difficult to keep doing what you planned to do, don’t lose faith and become bitter about this. God is not angry with you. Just revise the plan to suit your current work pressure and activity. Unless the God you serve is a stone, I believe he will understand your struggle and appreciate your efforts. Whatever, plan you have, if it is necessary that you make adjustments in order to achieve you goals, do so. The law was made for man, not man for the law. Don’t be enslaved by something that you designed to alleviate you. That is the very definition of idolatry.  Tied to this point is to be specific about your goals. Define clearly what you want, in the manner and capacity in which you want it and be conversant with it. Sometimes we lose interest in what we do because; we do not even understand the focus of the thing to begin with. By clarifying your goals, you will be in a better position to see how you can bring it into reality.

I know I have just brushed off the surface of this, but I hope it helps you remember the important things ahead of you and so as the steps necessary for you to take in order to achieve it. Share with me your personal tactics for accomplishing your goals in the remaining months of 2019.

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