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It can be difficult knowing what to wear, especially if you’re of a certain height. You don’t want to look like you’ve raided your Dad’s wardrobe or rummaged through the kids department. But we’ve got you covered. Here’s our top tips on how to dress for the shorter man.

Chances are that if you’re checking out this article, it’s because you’re dissatisfied with your height. Don’t be offended, I’m sure the majority of yall wouldn’t mind adding an extra few inches to your height. Smaller men usually sell themselves short by wearing clothes which either make them look plump and stout, or feeling that they’re wearing their old man’s hand-me-downs in large, baggy clothes . The modern man can’t control how tall he is but he can make the most of what he’s got, with a great wardrobe.

SJS, as always, is here to help by addressing the issues shorter men face when trying to look fashionable. Specific fits can lengthen the shorter man’s frame, and overall proportions. Shifting focus through certain looks can also help.
Just remember, when you’re selecting an outfit, your aim is to streamline. Remember that word – ‘streamline’ – because, as a shorter, modern man, it’s important. Pairing individual items together, which as a whole, appear to lengthen your body, or visually extend your silhouette, is absolutely vital.

Key Colours

The shorter modern man might find that the most effective palette for their body type, is one which revolves around black and white. Combining classic muted colours such as brown, charcoal and olive, can create a productive and timeless look too.
Our logic is that dark colours work together to lengthen and extend. Black is slimming, we all know this, but if black isn’t your thing then navy blue is your next best thing. Navy belongs in every man’s wardrobe, as it complements most skin types, and is always in fashion.

Prints and Patterns

Vertical stripes are the shorter modern man’s new best friend. They’re lengthening effect effortlessly works into an outfit wherever you need it, either as a pinstripe in formal wear, or simply on your lazy Sunday afternoon lounging tee.
With larger prints or patterns, avoid anything too bold. Bigger florals, or colour-blocked pieces, will both widen and break up your overall outfit. This will spoil your vertical silhouette, and prevent a streamline look. Try something subtler, like contrast cuffs or shirt collars, which add an alternative angle to your outfit, creating a cheeky edge to your look without drawing too much unwanted attention to your shorter proportions

Crucial Cuts and Techniques

The shorter modern man will generally find that slimmer fits complement their body better than other cuts. Comfort and looser fits automatically add width, not height, so it’s in your interest to try a tapered cut. Admittedly, this advice depends entirely on your personal shape.

Larger men, or those with more muscular thighs, might feel uncomfortable wearing a slimmer fit, and find that it isn’t for them. In this instance, try a tapered or ‘carrot’ cut, whereby trousers have more room through the thigh, whilst keeping the mid-section in proportion. This provides a similar effect to a slim/skinny cut.
. Pooling material around the ankle will only serve to shorten your silhouette, and break up the vertical line. Hemming your trousers to the correct length, or ensuring you buy the correct inseam length, is the shorter modern man’s must-do.

Final Word

Above all else, keep your look natural. Be comfortable in your clothing. Wear your outfit, don’t let it wear you. Take some of our advice and try something new. The modern man is not just sharply dressed, he is confident. Know who you are, embrace it, and have fun expressing your image through your own personal style.

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