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College life can be very stressing, but every season comes with its own pressure. As we journey through the dry season, it’s going to be super stressing. Therefore as students in college, what we carry around can either reduce our stress or add to it more than necessary. To avoid any of such surprises from coming your way, here are some essential stuffs you must carry along with you from your various hostels to campus.

1.A Package of Pocket Tissue

Pocket tissues can be great lifesavers especially in public. You may never know when a sneeze or a runny nose may fly in all of a sudden. With some flora tissues or any other pocket tissues, you can save yourself a great deal of embarrassment.
You would also need them for your seats at the lecture hall to prevent you from staining your neatly pressed wears.

2. Minty gums or Altoids

  1. Keeping your mouth almost shut for a three credit hours lecture can create an unwelcoming breath. Altoids are breath mints that everyone must have for such moments to give you a fresh smell all the time. You wouldn’t want to be glanced at with an unusual stare. You can have either minty gums or altoids. Decide which works for you but don’t go out without one.

3.Lips balm or Vaseline

Chapped lips are very common during the dry season. Often you come across people with disturbingly dry and cracked lips every now and then on campus, especially during such seasons. With Smith’s minted rose lip balm or with just a good old Vaseline, it can go a long way to keep your lips moisturized and help prevent cracks. So you can either carry a Vaseline or a lip balm.

  1. 4.Water bottles and Healthy Snacks

With so much to do in very limited time, it is easy for you to forget the two most important recommendations for a successful student life; thus staying hydrated and nourished. You may be caught up in a series of lectures or group discussions which may chip into or delay your lunch. A healthy snack can save you the worry. To give no way for dehydration, always carry with you a water bottle any time you go for lectures. You could be saving yourself the temptation of getting up and down during lectures because you were thirsty.

  1. 5.Germs Killing Sanitizers

Using the washroom on campus is an on-campus activity we can never let go. As we all know, the university cannot go all the way providing soap for all students at all times at the washrooms (there would be times when the washrooms would lack hand washing soaps). You wouldnt feel complete by just washing your hands with water alone especially after visiting the washroom(quite unhygienic). But with a hand sanitizer,which though may not fully clean your hands, can be useful at that moment. Apart from that, you would need it to at least sanitize your hands before eating and even to freashen your hands from any odour the food leaves on your hands.

The dry season with all its stress cannot be escaped, but as students, you can make it a super one by carrying these things always in your bag everywhere you go.

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