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5 Notable Bloggers In Ghana

Today, everyone can almost effortlessly set up a WordPress blog or use the dozen alternative platforms to begin their journey. Due to the ease with which it is to enter this (somewhat) profession, we have several amateur bloggers who are parroting everything they see and hear online.

In the beginning of the year, I decided to find out which bloggers according to the Ghanaian online community deserve our admiration. After going through most of the articles that comes up anytime you Google the key words; Ghana bloggers, bloggers in Ghana, or best bloggers in Ghana, here are the five notable bloggers in Ghana.

The list is based on the number of mentioning for each blogger in other Articles, interviews conducted on them and their social media presence as well as the general aura that these people carry by virtue of their brand, position or social responsibilities. These are the guys who have been at it for long. The trailblazer who never rests and the pacesetter who keeps discovering new territories. Therefore some personalities who won recent awards for their outstanding contribution towards the industry were not included.

Male Category

Born Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, he is a freelance journalist and multi-award winning blogger. He holds a degree in B.A Publishing Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

Notable works and Achievements

He is the founder of the entertainment website and blog ameyawdebrah.com named after himself. Winner of multiple media awards here in Ghana and on the continent including the Ghana Entertainment Awards USA – Best Entertainment Blogger, 2017. Ameyaw Debrah has become almost a household name when it comes to blogging in Ghana. He has a very strong social media presence and his current AmeyawTv has over four thousand subscribers on YouTube.

He is a prolific writer on celebrity news and events. His blend of celebrity gossip and real hardcore opinion posts makes his readers always crave for more.

Why He Matters

Ameyaw, apart from making a name for himself also creates employment opportunities and stardom platforms for young and ambitious Ghanaians who want to report and be relevant online. He receives interns from places like GIJ and recently held auditions for several talented and young aspiring TV presenters in 2018 for his latest media ad-on AmeyawTV which is currently streaming on tv.ameyawdebrah.com.

Felix Adomako Mensah is an award winning blogger, radio presenter, and entertainment critic. He entered the industry at an early stage at Bishop Sarpong International School as a radio presenter. Starting as a sports presenter on Kidz Corner, a kids entertainment show on Ohemena radio, now Freedom FM, a local radio station in kumasi. He holds BSc Information Studies & Political Science from the University of Ghana, Legon.

Notable works and Achievements

Winner of two Tertiary Awards for the category of Student Radio Presenter” and “Most Influential Student Blogger/Writer” of the year in 2015 and 2016. He is the founder of the self-named celebrity and entertainment blog zionfelix.net, which focuses on Hot gossip, Celeb news, Music, Events, among others. In 2018 he was listed at number 18 among the top 50 bloggers in Ghana. He’s the host of entertainment shows “Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix” which has seen celebrities like Ameyaw Debrah riding with him, “Zionfelix Uncut” and “Gossip Palour With Zionfelix”.

Why He Matters

Since 2009 when he entered the industry, he has been persistent and relevant till date and continues to inspire a lot of the youth positively. His innovative vlog “Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix” brings a one on one discussion with the industry top celebrities to the general public.

Females Category

Juliana Ntiamoah known popularly as Jullie Jay-Kanz is an Award Winning Nurse (GT Awards 2016:Best in Health Science) an a blogger. She doubles as an artiste publicist who is currently working with Joyce Blessing as her Publicist, Personal Assistant and Brand Manageress.

Notable works and Achievement

She is the Ghanaian rep for Nigerian dancehall, afropop artiste Cynthia Morgan. She was nominated For Best Blogger/Writer GT Awards 2015 & 2016 and also nominated for Merit Awards 2017 Most Influential Blogger of the Year, nominated for Silverfest Awards 2017 Best Blogger of the Year| and the winner of BAMA Awards 2018 Best Blogger of the Year. She has worked with British Got talent star Gold Kay under the management of Gbevu music group based in UK and Shawn storm from Jamaica under the management of Kim’s media House based in Jamaica. Here in Ghana also she has worked with Epixode, AK Songstress, SP Kofi Sarpong. She is the editor of hellogh, an online celebrity and entertainment website.

Why She Matters

The fact that she is a graduate registered General nurse and a blogger speaks a lot. Two time demanding careers which requires total commitment and expertise. She acknowledges that she is in a male dominated industry, especially in Ghana but does not get intimidated. She says that:

“I am not the type of woman who can easily be intimated by men. I am very strong because I know what I want, and I am very good at my work, very knowledgeable, humble and smart”.

Jullie Jay-Kanz was the first Ghanaian female to host a riddim and the second in the world after Jamaica’s female DJ Sunshine. [source]

Personal quote:

“Be to good to people not because you want others to be good to you but because you find something inherent in doing good.

Jemila Wumpini Abdulai is also an award-winning blogger, writer and digital marketer. She holds a Master of Arts degree in International Economics and International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University SAIS in Washington DC, USA.

Notable works and Achievement

In 2007, she founded Circumspecte.com, a lifestyle blog dedicated to Africans. Her blog was a recipient of the African Blogger Awards in 2016. She was also listed among the top 50 bloggers in Ghana, spotting the number 32 position in a dominantly male populated list. She was awarded as the most influential female blogger according to the same ranking which was compiled by Avance Media.

Why She Matters

In addition to guest lecturing at Ashesi University, she offers professional training on digital marketing, blogging and social media. She has also volunteered and mentored during various youth initiatives like TechCamp West Africa, Tech Camp Ivory Coast and the Ahaspora Mentorship Program. The author of #Yennenga, a short story published in 2015 Caine Prize Anthology Lusaka Punk, Jemila’s articles have been published by Devex and the LSE Africa Blog, alongside features on Al-Jazeera, BBC and Thought Catalog.

Afua Rida is a stylist, fashion blogger, runway show producer, and fashion consultant based in Ghana. A very passionate fashion lover who attributes her taste to watching her mother classically kill-it in any outfit. She is all about promoting African fashion to a global audience.

Notable works and Achievement

On her site she states that; Growing up, I first fell in love with fashion by watching my mother’s fashion process. Her style was classy, yet effortless. The bold jewelry pieces, the pencil heels, and vibrant colour and prints. I never understood the process until my undergrad years in college. It was never about having current pieces with my mother it really was all about her personal style. The intrigue turned into curiosity, which became a passion, which has now become my life.

She manages a fashion blog which features styling techniques and pieces of advice for the fashion lover.

Why She Matters

On valentines day, she feature a post in which she give readers instruction to interact with product agents to win prizes on social media. She has an impressive portfolio with celebrities like Joslyn Dumas receiving her creative touch. By far she has the most stylish fashion blog in Ghana.

The above listed bloggers have dedicated themselves to give us the entertainment news and gossips that we cannot do away with in our online interactions. There are no doubt more young bloggers and seasoned ones who could have been on this list. So far these are the notable bloggers you can find in Ghana blogging according to social media traction and personal interactions online.


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