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Like death, school reopening is always inevitable, except there are some external factors to determine otherwise. During vacation, all that we ever want to do is to sit back, kick our feet up in the air and watch the world pass. There is nothing wrong with that. And in fact not observing that ritual will be breaching the very definition of “Vacation”.

But sooner than later, reality sets it in, and lo and behold it is time for school to resume. Nothing can be more real than that terrifying awakening when you find out that reopening is just a week away. But no need to despair. With adequate preparation, you will be heading back to campus like the academic rock star you have always wanted to be. Here are 5 things you can do ahead of school reopening:


Schooling is perhaps one of the most daunting task you will ever undertake. The pressure of academic demands sometimes can make the best of us poop in our pants (metaphorically speaking). But like everything in life, we can get a better hand at this by keeping our priorities clear. Set goals for the semester and hold yourself accountable to it. Decide how the semester should go for you before it even begins. If you want to make more As than you have been making in past semesters, decide how many and in which courses you hope to excel and channel your energies as the semester progresses. Progressing towards a goal in mind helps you get your priorities right as far as your involvement on campus and in extra curricula activities is concerned.


This point is tied to the one above. As you set your goals for the semester, you will want to take a look at your grade history, so that you can make new commitments as you go through the semester. Sometimes we fall into the habit of just going with the flow without looking back to learn from what has happened to us. It is said that those who do not pay attention to history often make the mistake of repeating them (especially negative experiences). Once in a semester, I went to my academic officer and requested for a copy of my result transcript (I mean the actual deal, not what you see in your portal; that is a provisional summary report of your result). Looking at the grade range, I was able to make the necessary adjustments as I saw fit. Make a decision to do so and know your weaknesses. There is nothing worth living about an un-examined life.


Life does not always go the way we want them to go. Sometimes we are met with terrible setbacks, it is part of life, we have accepted that aspect already, and that is why it is absolutely and perfectly normal to fail one course or two in a particular semester. Usually, students are not truthful to themselves about their own grade performances.
I have known people who failed to face reality and ignored several attempts by school administrators to make them take the resists papers. Such individuals often do not go through the system unscathed.
It comes back to bite very hard at you in your final year. There is no way any institution will graduate you when you have not completed all coursework and taken the required exams for them.
It never happens and it will be a cold day in hell for that to change. There is nothing embarrassing about trying again after a mishap. It is rather childish not to take the opportunity to make things better the second time.
We don’t get a lot of second chances about most of life’s important decisions, so never miss a heartbeat to grab it when you are presented with one.


Being an English Major, one of the most important quest I embark on during vacation is to get a list of the courses I am likely to study in the coming semester. Either by asking my predecessors or by just going to my department’s academic office and ask. It will be prudent on your part to get the list and find related reading materials and begin reading them before school actually resumes. In just a week to reopening, you probably might have had all the fun you could think of, it is now time to set your mind in the academic mood for the coming semester. Taking this initiative will give you untold advantages when lectures begin. I have used this trick severally to save myself the pressure of having to dedicate equal amount of time to all the courses I take in a semester. You can do the same and free yourself some pressure.


Teenage girl (16-18) kneeling on full suitcase, close-up

Sorry to burst your bubble but time has run out on you. Vacation is coming to an end, the sooner you accept that, the earlier you will start packing. Nothing infuriate more than looking for something you had planned on taking to school and only to realize it is not where you thought it will be when you are ready. But if you start packing a week to the actual day of reopening, you are sure to pack all the useful stuffs you are going to need on campus. As a student, being proactive should be one of your hallmark. It will translate into how much you will fare on the job, by telling people how seriously they should treat your deadlines. Start managing your campus life from the house by taking adequate time to prepare and pack.

The semester can be filled with a lot of extra-curricular activities, especially in the second semester. A lot of them will require your active participation. It is only by taking time to plan ahead will you be in a better position to judge adequately which of those on-campus activities deserve your attention.


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