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But for every man: a normal man as you who is reading and I who wrote this piece, respect is a very important virtue we all expect from the other so to build successful relations. If for nothing at all, do not take it away from us. We virtually resist anybody who tries to stand in our way as far as our respect is concerned. Having said this, you will all bear witness to the popular saying goes “respect is not commanded but it’s earned”. You can’t just tell anybody “respect me” and the person follows suit but rather the way and manner you do your things. Most of the time, people think just being part of a worthy family in society earn you respect or probably you need to assume certain positions to be respected. This little piece is just to disabuse that beautiful mind of yours from such assertions. Come with me as we journey to find the simple and easy ways to earn respect on the first Sight.

Your appearance in this light will be an expensive commodity. People say “you are addressed how you are dressed”. More often than not, people just conclude who one is just on the face of their appearance. They are mostly not wrong anyway. In as much as we’re advised not to judge a book by it cover, a good writer always considers the content of their book to give it it’s cover. For you to earn respect freely, mind your appearance. PLEASE consider these few areas that are listed below to guide you into enhancing your appearance

1.Your haircuts
2. Clean teeth/ Control Repelling body odor
3. Appropriate selection of well ironed outfit.
4. Have a smiley face
Come to think of it, these might be quite simple and easy by their face value but upon a second thought, you will realize those are the pertinent ingredient that could either make or reign relations.
1. You haircut:

we all believe perfectly well that it’s not every haircut that goes well for everybody, definitely, there is no way you can compare oranges to Apples. Always consider the shape of your face and go in for the one that matches with your face not the ones the masses are going in for. A free advice is that, those with heavy facial sculpts should not attempt doing Rasta: of this they look like monkeys for lack of a better word. A professional barber may be consulted
2. Clean teeth/control repelling body odor

. This should be a daily routine. Proper care must be taken of your teeth and body odor. It’s said that a man must be fearful, ugly and smelly therefore the reason why some men do not really care whether they are smelling in the mouth or body. Truth be told, a man ceases to be a real man in such untold situations. Why will I say this, its an open secret that a smelly person has a low self esteem. A person who smells in the body cannot go to certain places. Your confidence is gone when you smell badly. Would you want that?
Sometimes, money becomes a difficulty but really, you can’t trade the cost of either a smelly mouth or repelling body odor to whatever it will cost you to earn respect as a man. Moreover, there are simple and less expensive ways to care for yourself. If you think you can’t afford toothpaste, chewing stick popularly known as(duawa) will do the magic. Now with the body odor, every human being who sweats has the tendency to smell. Yes, some have a more stronger repelling odor. Most of us who smell good are those of us who are mindful of it and had taken steps to prevent it.To curb this repelling body odor, I will recommend you bath twice a day. Neatly shave your armpit and the private part, after all you are not rearing grass cutter there. Deodorant would also do the magic after bathing. One must know exactly the deodorant that will work for him. Be reminded that not all deodorant will be good for you. For those of us who are probably hard up and can not afford deodorants, we can apply to our armpits and private part, Lime(ankaa dwadie33) 5minutes before bathing. Clear odor, pleasant smelling mouth, and you are on your way to being respectedat first sight.
3. Choose appropriate outfit and make sure they are ironed:

Let your dressing do the talking for you. Wash your clothes well if you have to. Iron it, tuck the shirt into your trousers if need be.
4. Have a smiling face

. Another simple way to attract respect at first sight is to keep a smiley face. Smiles naturally make you warm and welcoming. People are easily drawn to you, if you smile to them. Nerves automatically calm down when you smile. A very simple and easy way to earn respect.

5. Be slow to speak but quick to listen

Have a listening ear.
Most of the times when you speak, you speak the things you already know but when you listen, there is a possibility of you learning a new thing. Sometimes you might not even have an idea on a specific issue. Your slowness to speak might prevent you from exposing your ignorance. By this I am by no means telling you to be quiet all the time. What I am sying is for you to know when to speak and when not to.
People respect witty minds not mere talkers as well as a listening ear. Your sense of maturity will win you your desired respect.
Observe these simple steps and win yourself the needed respect. Hope it has been helpful.

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