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DOES S(HE) CALL YOU LIKE BEFORE? The beginning of a relationship could be unanimously voted as one of the most beautiful times every individual can experience in his or her lifetime. The 4 hour long conversations on phone, the continuous crack of jokes and the never ending feeling of hearing from your sweetheart. These are the times we can slit our throats for our partners because we feel its right. At the end of the road, you go 24 hours without a missed call or the popular “please call me back” automated text. This is a key mark of the end times for you two. Yes!! How can you go from 4 hour conversation on the phone to less than 20 minutes or sometimes zero and still believe nothing is wrong? S(he) may be busy but what happened to a heads up or random text informing you s(he)’s caught up in the middle of something? If you still believe nothing is wrong, then you have either over-fallen in love or you have lost your feelings for him or her.

DOES S(HE) SHOW REMORSE? During the early stages where he is the most handsome and attractive being you have ever seen, missing his call makes you feel like the worst girlfriend in the world. You answer the call even before the ringtone starts because you have been expecting it. However you missed his call in the morning and you still haven’t called back in the evening, you don’t see anything wrong with it and you are boldly giving the “I was busy” , “i forgot” and all the other cheap excuses you can conjure in a split second. THAT’S THE BEGINNING OF THE END RIGHT THERE!!

IS S(HE) IGNORING YOUR NEEDS? Shortly, lets look at this instance. On Saturday you asked him to get you the number of a baker ASAP, you’d need him or her at a program which you are part of the organizing team. Mind you, your guy is not idle, he works but you asked him because he is closer to the baker. You call him on Wednesday to find out if he has been able to get the number but he tells you he hasn’t done anything about your request at all. Plot twist, you wanted the number of the baker to order your boyfriend pastries as a surprise on valentines day, which was the very Wednesday you called to check how far he has gone with your request. My question here is if you told him directly that your purpose for needing the baker was to order him pastries on valentines day, do you think he would have easily forgotten? THINK ABOUT IT.

YOUR CHATS LOOKS SCRIPTED. A lot of relationships you see around are dying slowly because of this factor. Conversations feel scripted, straight-forward and repetitive.

 FM: “Good morning.”

ML: “Morning.”

FM: “How are you?”

ML: “I’m fine and you?”

FM: “Me too.”

ML: “How was your night?”

FM: “Good and yours?”

ML: “Same here.”

FM: “OK.”

FM: “Have you eaten?”

ML: “no, you?”

FM: “I have not.”

ML: “Oh okay.”

ML: “So what’s up?”

FM: “Nothing new.”

ML: “Okay, later. Be safe!”

FM: “You too.”

The above is the current status of most relationships, dull and repetitive. If you don’t want it to end, please you need to do something about your abysmal performances in this area because its boldly written on the wall!

NO MORE COMPLAINTS. Most people especially females complain about something when they care, if it ceases you should know they are moving far away with their affections and it must be treated as an emergency.

HIS PREDILECTION FOR YOU IS SUDDENLY GONE? Do you remember he used to say your laugh is funny? Everything she heard was funny as long as it was coming from you. How sweet he said you were but now it seems every effort of yours irritates her. He finds fault with everything you do and you cannot seem to comprehend! You’re heading to the bottomless pit and it’s almost over.

HER PHONE IS HER BEST FRIEND. We all have a couple of stuffs we love doing on our phone even at the time there are serious matters to attend to but it seems the love of your life is overdoing it. She barely raises up her head to listen to you and he spends almost all his free time talking on the phone or surfing the internet. The truth is he doesn’t find anything exciting around you anymore which is natural but you have to act quickly before you wake up to an “it is over” SMS.

ARE THE GIFTS STILL COMING? He used to come home bearing gifts, from toffees to dresses. He never came empty handed! He’d ask, do you know any cool pizza joint around? I’d like us to go there. He made you feel like the only daughter of extremely rich couple. Unfortunately, at the moment the question you have been asking is What happened? You are not dreaming, it’s happening, he’s not getting you any sort of gift anymore and sometimes he even forgets the important things he never missed. That’s the red flag.

If you see any of the above clues and your relationship didn’t begin with it, you are sitting on a time bomb.


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