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Lifestyle segment with Shejackiesays

The Voice of Kennedy Otoo

Abilities in Disability

Over the years and all over the world, there have been evolutions and revolutions in the attitudes and perceptions of people towards people with disability. Historically, we have all come to hear and bear witness of the fact that disability was seen as a ‘curse from God’. In our current circumstances some people in our societies still hold on the assertion. Why do people still hold on to these assertions?.

This write up will address this as you continue to read. Despite all the tireless efforts people are making to optimize disability by focusing on the advantages societies can scoop from persons with disability, some people especially rural dwellers still treat persons with disabilities by isolating them from the ‘normal society’ with numerous reasons others being taboos and few to mention. I must commend God for although some people still hold on to this primitive idea and thus thwarting the efforts the government, stakeholders, Community Based Rehabilitation personnel and other well wishers are making to integrate the ‘ disabled’ in the society, other people are seeing the light by accepting disability as part of the creation of God.

This is what as good people we should be doing and not to leave them in isolation for the powers and innovative ideas of persons with disability cannot be undermined

In contemplating issues about disability in the current realm, it is only advisable to throw away the old way of thinking about the impact of persons with disabilities in the society and think of the achievement these people have made and continue to make at their various vicinities and the national arena as well. Who ever thought that a disabled person can even get access to education up to the university level? If someone who died a 50 years ago with this mentality towards persons with disabilities resurrect today to see disabled persons now teaching, computing, marketing and even politicking, he or she might believe that the world has turned upside down.

This is because a hopeful life has entered a hopeless bone. It is undoubtedly clear considering the immense contributions the disabled people are making in Ghana’s development that the only difference between disability and ability lies in a prefix ‘dis’ and the three letter- lettered prefix does not apply to only those who are unfortunate because a part or parts of their body is not functioning appropriately. In effect the ‘dis’ is applicable to everybody whether ‘ normal’ or ‘abnormal’. I would like to state categorically that disability is explained as inability for someone to function due to a failure in the persons system. It should also not be underestimated that disability can also be explained as the international refusal to become active and productive in the society.

I can boldly say that there are abilities in disabilities indeed. Although, there are still holes to be filled in order to bridge the gap between disability and ability. However, we should not rule out the fact that despite all the hardships disabled persons are going through, many of them continue to chuck success in their various endeavors. All they require form the society includes; understanding, empathy, Love and Affection, Material Assistant and much more to mention. Each and every disabled person has a unique skill to offer for his community and the nation at large. They need the empowerment and the support to carry them everywhere they go.

To Crown it all, I will like to say disability is never a curse but a blessing to our nation…

I hope I have left you into thinking with regards to the above quote…

Don’t worry think critically about it and send all your comments below…

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