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How Ghanaians find comic comments and stereotypes as preventive measures against corona virus.

Lifestyle segment with MORRIS

Upon all these deficiency__ our reactions when we heard about a virus called corona somewhere in December 2019, what did we do, when we heard how rapidly it was killing the Chinese people, what automatized actions did we take, and when we heard how fast the virus was mutating to other countries what did we do and yet when we realized that Ghana had recorded three(3) cases , what pre-conceived actions did we all take as Ghanaians?

The government after putting measures right in place before borders were closed, Ghana’s cases were over 100 plus and we needed an immediate partial lockdown. It was a laudable idea that the government had and made a quick decision about it . Things were not all done systematically but we know we were at least fast to do some things to slow down the disease since its outbreak in 2019 which has spread to more than 190 countries across the globe and has affected more than one million people. Now, what are we doing as concerned Ghanaians upon all the education that the government, media houses, health professionals, medical experts, teachers, some religious leaders, cooperate bodies, writers and individuals have given us?. Some Ghanaians since the outbreak of this covid-19 have decided to become covidiot, a stupid person who stubbornly ignores social distancing protocols, thus helping to further spread Covid-19 and have created several hallucinations, comic comments all over as though a cure against this deadly disease. Come to think of it, how some so called educators, experts come to sit on television or radio and even use social media platforms to spew some of these comic comments and stereotypes as cure against covid-19, some of these comic comments are, that alcohol intake can cure the disease, because of our climate, one can sit under the sun to prevent himself or herself from contracting the disease, being horny cures it, smearing shear butter over one’s body and even eating it kills the virus instantly when one gets it, sitting on a hot water, being covered yourself with fire in a coal pot, eating waakye kills it and so many more that you can mention. Ghanaians find exquisite delight in these things to some extents of even arguing about how potent these things are if one do them. Aren’t we full of drama? It’s about time we reason as concerned Ghanaians andabhor all these comic comments and stereotypes that we create and see how serious this covid19 case is especially with developing countries like Ghana. You may wonder how some of us find it so comical and forget that we’re approaching the doom’s days as some even put it in our local dialect “by June de3 na obiaa awu” indeed this statement would be true if we continue as concerned Ghanaians to create several stereotypes and against this disease and If we don’t act fast enough by taking the precautionary measures so serious, indeed by June, we would all die. It’s undoubtedly that some of these comic comments are reliefs in this distress time but we shouldn’t get carried away and forget that we must educate ourselves enough especially our illiterate mothers, sisters and brothers we find ourselves with them.

As it stands now, the number of cases in Ghana should scare all of us because it keeps increasing and it’s very astronomical and outrageous, this should be a forewarning for us in order to observe all the necessary protocols especially washing our hands and sanitizing with alcohol based sanitizers. We are certain that when we do these things, we will combat this disease. It is so disgusting and shameful how we see these things(stereotype and comic comments) as cure or ways to prevent ourselves against covid-19 when we can use our platforms to educate ourselves all the time and confidently speak against it when someone brings such comments on board.

But one thing we shouldn’t forget is that many specialists have suggested essential remedies that we can follow to prevent ourselves from contracting this deadly disease, this is what we need to talk about and practice them not creating stereotypes and comic comments about this deadly diseases.


  1. Darius Opoku

    Hmm… how joyless it is to see Ghanaians find comic comments as measures to guard against this virus… we all need to take the precautionary measures serious to put a stop to the spread of corona virus.

  2. Felix Acheampong

    The tongue of the wise is a healing. Your article above has really inspired me to really stop paying attention to these comic comments people give worldwide. I urge you to warn the disorderly, speak consolingly to those who are depressed, support the weak and be patient toward all. Nice article.

  3. Caring

    Its quite unfortunate how things have gone up to this level. As the cases keep rising day by day, I personally feel the seriousness level of how deadly this disease is to most Ghanaians is on the decrease. However, the issue about the comic statements people make is the one that bothers me. It shows how people understand the whole show.

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