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In this era of globalisation , the West still tries to play on the intelligence of Africans.Africa is a civilised continent since time immemorial, historical evidence, archeological findings and research conducted in the continent confirms this, and should not be seen as a lab rat to test the efficacy of newly made vaccines and drugs. We are not less of a human than the whites.

Why would Africans be used to test a vaccine meant to cure a globally-hit-virus (COVID-19)??

A virus that is not emergent from Africa, does not have any traits of Africa hormones or genes, (pardon me, I’m not a biology expert).A virus that, even powerful and core Countries Shiver and quiver before and struggle in developing a vaccine to save their nationals?

The West, and the Americas which is currently battling with severe economic, population, science (scientific logistic) etc recession or possible liquidation, to my knowledge will need this prospect vaccine trial, not Africa with less recorded cases.

Besides, as the saying goes  “charity begins at home” so, their own people from the aforementioned territories equally  need this help at this time of global crisis.

My take on this issue stems from a nostalgic image of a history that this situation recalls; the inhumane precedence of similar or previous experience Africa has tasted with much regret.

My objection and disagreement to this suggested offer from the West, is the glaring example of these instances: ‘The Tuskegee Experiment'(a clinical study conducted between 1932 & 1972). and The River: A Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDS.


In his work,  HOOPER,  tracks the way AIDS spread in the early years, especially via wars in Central Africa and through few individuals in America and Europe.

Source: New Genestics and Society, Vol. 19, No. 1, 2000

MARION MCALLISTER, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge

Readers can research on these.

Apparently,  at this crucial and trying  moments, certainly  Africa needs help, but not a help of this nature from outside  but help from within Africa, because we have in past times, endure more, received harm, disguised as goodwill.

To my dear Africa leaders, this is the time for us as a continent to mobilize our intelligence, resources, collectively in a spirit of solidarity  to employ the ancient and contemporary African scientific values to find solutions to existing  challenges  and those yet to come. We have relaxed in our slumber for too long, the brainwashed is no longer a strong force or an obstacle to our transformation.

History has made it clear that, we have achieved a lot by ourselves before contact with the West, and so will we be able to do it in their absence.

I therefore, join hands with opinion leaders and critics, the likes of Samuel Eto, Drogba both soccer legends from Cameroon and Ivory coats, and Professor Ransford Gyampo who are vehemently against this ‘testing of vaccines on Africa’, propose by the west, the epicenters of the virus (COVID-19) needs it the most.

Riffath Yakub


Writing is an art as much as it is a talent. Be inspired by the things you see and hear. Get a muse. I'm a writer and that's just that.

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