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LIFESTYLE segment with Jackie

Femme fatale literally means “fatal woman” in French. , it can be defined as “the kind of woman men want…but shouldn’t have!”. Ever seen females who are seductive and alluring, yet clever, a bit evil, and mysterious? Like Poison Ivy or Cat Woman? Alluring, mysterious, and classy, dark glamour embody the femme fatale. You can become one too!

■Dress like a femme fatale

If you want to be a true femme fatale, then you should wear dark, sexy, and retro clothes. Pick clothes that are well-cut and draw subtle attention to you in a tasteful way. Opt for darker colors such as black, maroon, or emerald green. Clothes that are flattering are important, too; if you don’t look great in a black cocktail dress, try another design instead. Pair your look with high heels, but make sure you know how to walk in them to pull it off. Here are some clothes that you can try:
▪Silk cocktail dresses
▪A bold red dress
▪Dark-wash, high waisted jeans
▪Fishnet tights

Wear a signature scent

Femme Fatales typically have a signature scent, so you need to find the one that suits you the best. It shouldn’t be anything too fruity or girly, and should give off a sexy and seductive scent instead. There’s no need to overdo it; just a tiny bit of the scent on your neck will make you even more appealing

Have seductive hair.

There are a number of hairstyles that can help you get the femme fatale look you’re going for. You can wear your hair in an extreme side part . Wearing it in a dramatically short style is also a good choice. Stick to true, bold hair colors,like dark brown, black, or auburn, and you’ll be on your way to being a fatal woman.
Tr not to reveal your entire face. Letting your curls or waves fall over the side of your face can help you keep some of your features shrouded and mysterious.
An A-line cut can also give you a severe and mysterious look.

Rock the red lipstick.

To be a true femme fatale, you have to know how to wear red lipstick. Just apply the best lipstick that fits your skin tone, consider using some lip liner to emphasize your look, and check those lips every few hours to see if you need to reapply it. This is a signature part of the femme fatale’s look, so you should commit to it, even if you don’t want to wear too much other makeup.

Only reapply your lipstick in the bathroom; don’t let people see you doing it, or some of your mystery will be gone.

Get the rest of the makeup down too.

To get the makeup of a femme fatale, wear pale foundation, give yourself a bit of blush for color, and work on getting that smoky-eyed look. Just put some dark eyeshadow, such as a brown or a gray, on your eyelids, use eyeliner to trace the top of your eyelids, and wear a black or dark mascara on your top lashes to emphasize those long lashes.

Accessorize like a femme fatale

. The right accessories can go a long way if you want to be a femme fatale. You don’t have to overdo it, but you should find one or two signature items that you’re known for so you can rock the most seductive, mysterious look out there. Here are some accessories that you can try to complete your femme fatale look:

▪classy glasses or sunnies

▪statement necklace

▪vintage pendants


  1. Laurty

    This is my first time reading this and it’s a nice iniative. Based on today’s message, regarding to the color of dresses, someone can also wear other dim colored dresses or light colored dresses aside what you said which will also make her fatal too.

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