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ByNana Ama Tina(mZtinaWyse))

To the star that keeps dancing in the galaxy of my heart,

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about how my life has transformed from something ordinary to something else (I wouldn’t call it weird though). How I have been trapped in a pool of crazy feelings I can’t step out. Someway somehow, these feelings which raided me unknowingly, have been eating up my heart for days, then weeks,months, then years. I’ve been thinking also of how blessed I am for God creating you and for having you as a friend.
I believe you are so so well though we have not seen each other for a while now. Well there’s something heavy on mind I have now matured well enough to spill out.

I have got this crazy—can’t get you out of my mind—crush on you, and I think I should let you know because you deserve to know what our encounter has left me with. If you don’t feel same as I thought you never did before, GREAT. I will fight harder this time to get over it.

Going back to time, when we first met in high school. That was five years ago, probably when teenagers had this—relationship at high school will lead to marriage— perception. I remember every little detail of how we first met, how we became friends and how I consciously or unconsciously dropped for you. You had this intriguing personality which I admired and still do; your weird mannerism,the way you smiled, your desire for success,the way you spoke (that funny accent of yours), your passion for art, your love for God. Your interest for music—though you never were able to hit the right note, Ha! Your —be curious and pursue greatness- attitude, your ability to lighten tensed atmosphere through your jokes. Well all your odds as well. Your tiny body was what amused me most. You had this taste for fashion and despite the scar that has possessed your right eye brow, the cute mole beneath your left nose gives you this beautiful face.

All my life as a teenager, before I met you, I had liked and crushed on so many boys with the longest tenure being two to three weeks. They were either irritating or I grew bored with them. I still to this day like you though you never did and still won’t reciprocate my affection. I thought I had really gotten over you, yeah. But then, that—can’t explain how I feel—feeling came back when I saw your “like” on my post on Instagram and that face when I hit on the profile picture. Geez. I still can’t get you out no matter how much I try.

You may or not see this but if after another five years, you happen to experience some feeling for me, I will be here waiting with open arms ready to embrace you. But for now, just grant me this little wish if you can’t like me back. Please and please again, Stop. Being. Cute. I need to get over you but you ain’t helping at all looking all cute every single time I see you.

Your Secret admirer.

Writing is an art as much as it is a talent. Be inspired by the things you see and hear. Get a muse. I'm a writer and that's just that.


  1. Honey brown

    Comment * Beautiful and mind blowing dear
    Top notch ideas… But some of us really know how to get over our crushes no matter how cute or enticing they appear to be.. Honestly u r doing good… Hats off to u

  2. Osborniq parry

    There is a resemblance in all of humanity. This resemblance is emotional feeling which some people happen to have theirs deeply fixed and built against conquer.due to that, one is unable to do away with (get over an affectionately fused relations.) * The only thing to do to something which is impossible to get over or one can’t stop or avoid is to replace that feeling of he being your crush.channel your emotions by allowing your understanding keep you to a point of agreement that he is your brother from another mother or a best friend* if one tries to keep this brain or emotionally exercise it eventually fades out the fac
    ts that you can’t stop or avoid ur crush (having a crush on someone).

    1. Legacy Simpson

      "Scar on your right brow" I have a scar on my right brow and happen to crush on a lady who also haven’t scar on the right brow.
      I enjoyed every bit of it
      Great piece
      Keep it up

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