• How To Strengthen Your Relationship

    How To Strengthen Your Relationship0

    Its said that the best is reserved for the last. This can be true taking into consideration what I am about sharing with you on our last episode on the series” Kiss Me”I must say, I have enjoyed every bit of it and I believe you have as well. Thank you again for your warm

  • Why I fell in love with my Ex.

    Why I fell in love with my Ex.2

    Why I fell in love with my Ex by ToosweetCwesiMorris. I could vividly picture all the moments I shared together with my Ex after our break up. We were very happy dating until one day when I refused to listen to my heart. I was very desperate to tell her we should break up and

  • Kiss Me part2

    Kiss Me part20

    The clock has tick-tocked to now and the whistle is set to be blown to outdoor the most anticipated Love anniversary, Valentine’s day. Val’s day is here and is here for us. If you are in a relationship, then you’ve hit the jackpot but if you don’t, you are not exempted from enjoying this season.