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How well do you know the history and the significance of the months of the year? As you can see we are in December and as it is expected to be more fun and merry. Friends and families will be meeting, bonds and relationships strengthened. I personally love December for one thing; the sober reflection of the birth of the man Jesus Christ. I know most of you do love December but sometimes I find one or two people who share other ironical views. well, everyone is entitled to his views and opinions.

You can also share with us your divert reasons why you really do not like December. Anyways the big deal really is not to put counter argument about how I love December but rather what makes December a special month. What is the background and the significance of this month? Do you really want to know? OK be with me as we journey through December, discovering things we never knew. Scroll with me and enjoy!
First of all I want to give you the background to December as I promised. something you probably didn’t know.Unlike most months, December happens to be one of the richest months in the year if not the most as far as history is concerned. It has a very beautiful and a reflective background that one could think of. It is the seventh month that has in it 31 days; how about that? December is the twelfth month in the Julian and Gregorian calendar, the last month of the year. December had it name from the Latin word, Decem which meant tenth. December happened to be the tenth month in the Romulus calendar in 750bc which began in March. The simple reason to this was that there was no month given to the times of winter in those era. Later, the months January and February were created out of the monthly period and added to the beginning of the year. Nonetheless December still retained it name though being the twelfth month.

I just shared with you all about December.I guess you did enjoy it. Go with me to the next paragraph.
Ok so we are here and in this paragraph, am going to share with you the various and the most important holidays December have. I am a Ghanaian so I will just focus and mention those that we observe here in Ghana.
December 1 – World AIDS day
December 6 – farmers day
December 24 – Christmas Eve
December 25 – Christmas day
December 26 – boxing day
These are the prominent holidays we have in December as far as Ghana is concerned. There are a lot of the days that might not be a holiday yet seems like it is. December 31 is an epitome. It happens to be the only time virtually everyone goes to church in Ghana probably because it is the last day in the year.

December is too fun a month to have. In each of the significant holidays,i will come your way again to keep you updated and I know you will love it. Make sure you don’t miss out.
I will still take a little of your time to deal with some few significance of December. I know I need to be brief else am not going to finish.This special month is characterized with a lot of economical programs. A lot of business activities, buying and selling everywhere. Every business does well just because it’s December. Due to the economic activities, it leads to a lot of traffic. The entertainment industry is not left out. There’s always a mega uplift in their programs, shows springing forth everywhere.

Another significance of December is movement of persons from a town to another, mostly their hometown where they have probably not been throughout the year. Everybody just wish to be with his or her family in December especially on Christmas. I can’t end my article without touching on the seasonal greetings. Happy Christmas in advance. From sheJackiesays. com we are going to keep you posted throughout all the important holidays. Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy December with shejackiesays.com
Sorry guys, I need to be brief else we won’t get out of here. Let’s meet here again on the next article of which we will delve deeper in one of the significant holidays.

Stay safe! Happy Yuletide in advance!!

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