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Fashion segment with Jackie

For Men. Part 1

We all come from diffrent backgrounds with diffrent cultures making us diffrent from each other. When it comes to dressing to church most people get it totally wrong some also get it on point.

“I remember my visit to kwahu during the holidays to visit my mum. It was a lovely sunday and had wanted to wear something i felt very comfortable in to church, all she said was Jackie people would be staring and cause unnecessary attention if you step in the church with that. I didn’t heed ro her advice as usual, but that day I’d wished i had never gone to church”

When attending church, it is expected that you dress in a way that reflects the morals and standards of that particular church.While standards for dressing have changed over time, many churches still expect you to wear your best clothing when attending the worship service. Before you make the mistake of offending someone, take the correct steps to make sure that the clothes you wear are appropriate.


1. ●Choose your best clothes and make sure they are clean. While standards on clothing for church have become more lax over time, it is still usually expected that you dress in your nicest garments when attending Sunday morning worship service.

●Having nice clothes does not mean you have to spend a lot of money on them. Just make sure that they are clean and presentable.
●Avoid drawing attention to yourself or wearing things that would stand out


2. Wear a button-down shirt that has been pressed. While many men prefer to wear a suit and tie, if you don’t have one, a button-down shirt will suffice. Make sure it is free of stains or wrinkles and remember to tuck it into your pants.

3.Wear wrinkle-free slacks. Black dress pants are the best option for a person attending a church service. If you don’t have a pair, you can wear clean and wrinkle free casual slacks or khakis as an alternative

●Avoid shorts. Even if it’s hot, you should refrain from wearing shorts. Jeans are too casual for Sunday morning service. And you do wear jeans, do not wear ones with patches or holes

4.Wear leather loafers, oxfords, or slip on dress shoes.

Wear your best pair of dress shoes when attending service to show respect to the God and his church.

●Avoid wearing white socks because they don’t match with many outfits and can be tacky

6. Be aware of specific traditions and customs in certain faiths. In times past, in Western culture, wearing a hat indoors was a sign of disrespect, but even today it applies to church services.

●In 1 Corinthians 11:7 the apostle Paul says, “man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God

●Members of the military are allowed to wear hats as part of their uniform in some religions like Christianity.

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