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Dressing for lectures

Episode 2
Occasional dressing

The question of what to wear to lectures bothered me a lot in the lead up to university. Having worn school uniform for so long, I wasn’t really sure what to go for.

Now, I’m sure universities vary, and within universities I’m sure different departments have different styles and habits, but the main thing I’ve learned in the university is that nobody cares what you wear to lectures.
But , at times you always gotta be on point, nobody actually cares, but they do watch you always.
It is always very important for students to wear neat, smart and beautiful clothes that are trending and still be modest at the same time when going for lectures, in this case, students should consider putting on the best dresses, shoes and other fashionable attires for both personal comfort and admiration.
The first day in school is always one of the sweetest days in one’s life, at this special day, you get to know new people, places, structures, and other things. Despite all these beautiful experiences, there are other tasks one had to get involve such as queuing up for registrations, filling of bio-data, change of course and printing of school fees receipt. When all these have been said and done, it’s now time to settle down for different lectures from different lecturers which involves the buying of biros, pencils, sketch pads, books, jotters, school bag and forming of time table. At this stage, the social life then comes into play – getting involved in social activities like clubs, associations, and athletics, organizations; which gets you acquainted with new friends. The next thing you have to put in consideration is to study the local climate of the environment; how cold or how hot is the weather of that particular city. When you’ve now gotten familiar with the behaviour of the weather, the likely questions that may come into your mind are:
What to wear?
How to wear it?
Where and what occasion to wear it to?

Every institution has a specific life style and way in which they dress (dress codes), there is no specific dress code listed down at the campus for university students to imbibe, if not for the fact that most departments have their specific dress codes; for instance, law students usually wear white and black from Monday to Thursday, while other departments like
medicine appear on corporates always.
To be more reasonable each university student is expected to dress modestly to avoid certain embarrassments from the security workers in this case, it is advisable to cover up some sensitive parts of the body such as: the armpits, thighs, breasts, and navel in order not to cause offense or attract wrong attention to yourself, this doesn’t really mean that fashion is the most important thing or is what brought you to campus, but I must say it’s important to look smart and nice while in campus.

Watch for the next episode where I talk about the different kinds of cloths u can wear for each day of the week


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