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Dressing on campus on regular days


Jeez , at times you might see someone dressed on campus and wonder if the person is a student or a labourer, well that was just by the way .
Most students think dressing for regular days on campus x not such a big deal but believe me it is.
You will see a male student in boxer shorts around the halls with just a pair of singlets and flip flops.
Bare in ,mind flip flops are meant for the bathroom n inside the room, they are not meant for walking outside in it.
And come on guys , like seriously boxer shorts n singlets. Nayyyyyy
We should know that we are not in our various homes and therefore we should know how to comport ourselves amidst other students.
On a regular day at the Hal
A shorts would do with a round neck or a lacoste and puma slippers or any other slippers apart from chaffs or flip flops

And to my dear ladies I bet most of you do not wake up from your midnight sleep. You can go to our halls and as early hot in the afternoon as 1pm, A lady would be wearing her nightie, this act should be put to a stop.
And most ladies on regular days , look soo unkempt esp with their hair. If its braided make sure your baby hairs a are neatly brushed before you step out but if you have on a weavon or u are with your natural hair, just make sure they are neatly combed,
Any nice decent dressing would do, at the halls I would advice our ladies to wear wither loose colourful straight dresses, shorts n a blouse , or a nice loose skirt and a top.



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