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Five ways you can be motivated

To be able to fully achieve one’s goals, aims or dreams, we require motivations, something which will always push us harder, and as a result, prevents us from feeling reluctant to move on with our determinations in our life. Perhaps, you’ve not thought about the fact that you can be a motivating to yourself or apply motivation techniques to yourself internally; instead, you’ve always looked forward to others for motivations.

Motivation is a set of force that acts behind the motives of a person. To learn and master the art of personal motivation, here are five ways you can be your own motivator and push your efforts harder towards your life’s goal in life.

  1. Think positively and use big thinker’s vocabularies in your daily routines. Having a positive mindset about your life will enable you to focus much on your abilities rather than stressing yourself on the things you cannot do it in life. See yourself to be good enough through improving your self-esteem and self-actualization. Each and every one of us has a handicap in life. Something that we are terribly or fairly bad at. And sometimes all we need to do is to stop comparing ourselves with our friends or neighbors who have been able to do well in one or other ways. Sit yourself down, and be able to identify your talents and potentials which make you equally unique and capable to handle better what life requires of you. Worrying too much about your handicaps and letting that be your perpetual focus will kill your spirit and militate against your progress. Going hand-in-hand with positive thinking is to guide and be conscious of the words you use. Use big “thinker’s vocabularies”, what you should know is that words are powerful and can be impacted negatively or positively in your life. You should be very selective in choosing your words so that you’ll end up being motivated internally by the words you daily use. For instance, if you were unable to accomplish a particular task to expectation, instead of saying I failed, you can say I faced a challenge. The point being we see failure to be something worst that we cannot do anything about, However, challenges can be overcome. When you see it to be a challenge, you will begin to think about the remedies or the solutions you could adopt to overcome such a challenge and that will push you harder. So try to use words which have positive impacts even if the situation seems to be bad. To think big, we must use words and phrases that produce big, positive mental images.

2. Appreciate the least thing you could do in life, that is, to see your capabilities as priorities than your inabilities as burden to overcome them. As initially said, you need to identify your potentials and talents but how do we see this in the real life situation? Let’s observe these two scenarios.You were able to cut and stitch a fabric as a result, you made a beautiful bowtie or perhaps a flying tie. You showed to some friends and they appreciated it but you staggered in mind and suddenly your ability to focus on the present thing you’ve done went back to that particular song you’ve tried to record but seems not to be good enough , all the positive comments you received be like keep on training your voice and later they decline your song. The point i am trying to make here is that,self appraisal and appreciation counts in life and the efforts you put in your capability as well, don’t be stumbled by that one thing you keep doing it severally but seems not to make any progression like the song you’ve tried to record but they keep rejecting it but rather focus on the things you could do well and you hear good comments from others or you see it to be good like the bowtie you were able to make. Don’t listen to procrastinate people, you will always be lagged and discouraged, don’t pay attention to the one bad comments you get out of four good comments over your capability.

3.Do intensive reading and work hard with integrity. Reading intensively will help you to get focused so you could apply what you’ve read in your Daily life. Search for relevant information about life and its way forward and read more motivation quotes from others and improve your knowledge daily. You cannot be motivated to remain focus on your goals or dreams without working hard to achieve what you want or desire. After you’ve identified your potentials and talents, now is the time for you to toil and show your integrity .Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. And as you apply yourself to reading and learning all that is required of you in what you must do in life, it helps you live honestly and happily.

4. Set a role model and look up to be like him or her. Most high achiving personalities in our societies have people that they look up to. To succeed, you will need to be challenged by someone who is doing greater things with the passion that is worth emulating. Look for such one person whose life will always make you shake off the dust and thrust forth again and again. You can try taking someone as your model and always look forward to be motivated by his or her deeds and remember that we are bound to make mistakes in life, it is part of being a human being so copy wisely.

5.Motivate others. After you’ve known the essence of motivations in your life, you should always make it a priority to motivate others. When you do that, you’re helping yourself to be motivated and enhance your way of self-motivation in others. When you motivate others, you become refreshed as well and as a result will help you to develop a positive mindset and that will help you to push harder in all endeavors.


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