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Five ways you can surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend by ToosweetCwesiMorris.

Love they say is sweet and genuine.
But have you thought of it that it comes with surprises especially when you’ve a girlfriend or boyfriend you would expect a moment of unforgettable experience when they surprise you. Here are some few things to do to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. Love is magical and expects to be unique through words.

The gift of words you would write for your guy or lady would be great and mesmerizing to the person. Many ladies love to hear sweet and scented words full of fragrance from their boyfriends and as a guy you would have to be sweet and mindful with the choice of words you select for your lady. Don’t be in a haste to write for her. Take your time, be calm and write in such a nice way to describe how your lady or guy looks like. Commend them on some of his or her traits you love most to make him or her feel loved. Don’t be too witty with words just use simple words and not necessarily being formal in your writing to her. Sometimes you can use peculiar jargon that both of you are familiar with. As a guy you should be romantic enough through your words. If you can’t write search for love quotes and one day surprise them by texting or reading to their hearing.

2.Paying a visit to your loved one unexpectedly can be a big surprise to the person.You see, you always chat and talk to the person on phone almost all day long and it sometimes gets boring for the other to answer your call sometimes. As a guy or a lady, try to visit your partner without texting or calling the person to know you are coming. You can buy little things like a flower or something the person finds it interesting, not necessarily luxurious thing. This little thing can rekindle your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

3.The third thing you can do to surprise your girlfriend is going on a date with her.

Sit down and plan everything nicely. Think about a serene environment and send your girlfriend there. If you’ve not yet proposed marriage to her, you can do that on that particular day and she’ll be excited if you put a ring on her finger as a promise. Most people would prefer a picnic with their boyfriends or girlfriends. If your partner has shown interest in that you can try that with her without her expectancy. You can order some food and eat it together with your partner.

4.Biggest surprise a lady would ever show to his boyfriend is that, she invites the guy to come over to her house to meet the parents without the guy’s idea about it.

It would be his biggest surprise to meet your parents or siblings for the first time . Guys love to be known by their girlfriend’s parents or at least some of her siblings so he can find a confidante in them anytime he feels to. You can also try inviting your boyfriend to a family dinner and pronounce your love for him in front of your parents or introduce him to your parents as your boyfriend. You can do it first in the course of your relationship with him if he hasn’t sent you to his parents before. This will compel him to do same and clear any doubt he might have had about your being with him. Guys feel secured when
they’re introduced to their prospective in-laws. As a girlfriend, you can try doing this just one day to surprise your boyfriend.

5.Many ladies sometimes wonder what to do to please their boyfriends in a kindest way, for some, they try to do everything possible but wouldn’t be successful at the end.

Ladies this is a tip-off for you. Many guys love to be surprised in a nice way. Think about what your boyfriend wants in life. Get him something he’s looking forward to buy or get, don’t expect to buy expensive things if you don’t have. Love shouldn’t be based on material things always but actions should speak louder than words. You can think about a wristwatch, customized t-shirt, belt, perfume or buy his favourite football team Jersey and customize his name in it etc. Guys love to be surprised in such ways from their girlfriends. Don’t feel too shy to do little things for your guy. If it’s just a pair of socks, he’ll appreciate your kindness than doing nothing for him.


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