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As I was surfing my timeline on twitter, I checked the trending list and to my surprise the dark and lovely Emelia Brobbey was trending. Before I clicked on her name, I asked a friend who had payed me visit.

Me: Abena since you are a fan of kumawood movies I think you are the right person to help me, has your favorite industry resumed full time job?

She answered: I don’t think they have, because almost every kumawwod actor is doing skits on their YouTube pages.

Folks the reason why I asked this question was because I thought she had delivered another masterpiece of her favorite “crying role” in a new movie and it had earned her the top of Twitter trends. Little did I know she has a song out! Within a minute I chanced on the song which is titled ‘Fame Ko’ and the first thing I murmured was OH MY GOD, WHY?! Don’t get me wrong, apart from not finding the song catchy, I think the timing was wrong and as a human I agree that you’ve got to do something, at least to keep yourself busy if your company is out of work but you should watch your next step carefully if you find yourself in Ghana. I murmured those words because I knew she was going to be ridiculed and made fun of and guess what? I was right. On the “streets of twitter” as the savages prefer to call it, there’s no pity and love. When it is time to shake the table, whoever on it will sweat in a three degrees weather. The most adored person could be trolled and insulted any minute of the day. Pappy Kojo admitted on The Delay Show that he got depressed after he didn’t win an award which he thought he deserved. His depression was not because he lost but because he was trolled massively on social media which twitter played a very big role.

After listening to the song which was not posted in full, I began to scroll to read what people were actually saying which had got her name up there. Dear reader I would advise you sit tight, fasten your seat belt and pray for whatever reason if you are religious because you are about to witness either abuse or funny comments or both.

There was another person who drew my attention to the fact that she has a new song out but I was too shy and afraid to check it out because they were dragging her so bad! One person even said her voice is a ‘witch repellent’. Can a human be this mean?!

Others were actually comparing her to Patapaa and Achipalago, that was when I concluded that she is going to have a very tough week. Why should she put herself out there to be mocked like that? How long has music being her passion (If it actually is)? Did she consult anyone with experience in the music industry before doing this?

My dear readers as you are reading this, the name and image of our beautiful actress is still being dragged massively online and its no joke. I can only wish her well and hope she finds peace in her heart because there seem not to be any online for our sister. If she’s your relative, please do check on her and if you are a fan you should send a message of motivation to any of her pages, she’s really going to need it. Do not forget to leave your comment below and share the article if you like it, and lest i forget, you can freely express yourself if you think the song is bad. I wont judge you!

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