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Social media has always been about trends and clicks and today is no different. A series of interesting (some causing hilarious moments) photos of people have just started flooding the Internet in what has been termed as the #10YEARCHALLENGE.

It is a simple challenge in which people post a collaged picture of how they looked 10 years ago and now.
Shejackiesays has put together a couple of these pictures which caught our attention as some Ghanaian celebrities took up the challenge and shared with their fans how they looked like in 2009.

  1. We understand it is a 10 years challenge but it looks like Yaw Dabo gave us a 2 years challenge picture instead.

2. And this is Patapa in what doesn’t seem like a picture from 10 years ago. But this is the man himself Papa tu pa

3. DKB keeping fit for the past 10 years, quiet impressive I must say. Even though he looks fresher now than then.

4. Kwame Eugene’s picture from 10 years ago shows how much transformation has taken place in the life of the Wish me Well hitmaker.

5. Kwaku Manu repping live in a Togo made three-quater jeans. Can you spot the difference?

6. Moesha 10 years ago

7. Akuapem Poloo looking fabulous in many ways ten years later. The kind of freshness you regret having let go if you were dating her back the.

8. No celebrity picture throwback list can ever be complete without featuring the Gh rap king Sarkodie.

Sakodie 10yearschallenge photos

9. King Promise 10 years ago. It is clear the Selfish hitmaker wasn’t always bald.

10. Sister Derby 10 years ago. Who would have guessed?

11. The Ntimination Man. Lawyer Nti from the Kejetia vs Markola TV series. He still had that funny look he always wears in court when he knows nothing about what is going on lol.

12. Adina Thembi in 10 years difference. She looked like the kind who was called to lead worship in church back then.

13. Clearly time and money can make a lot of difference. This is Davido way back in 2008 paired with a 2018 shot. Better cloths and more streamlined nose.

14. Pappy Kojo. Man, he was dope way back. Area boy freshness. More flesh now than then though.

15. Princess Shyngle, Ghana based Gambian. What a wow!!!

16. This is the Tear Rubber songstress Yaa Jackson and her brother.  Not exactly 10 years but still you get the picture. lol

17. Selly Gally in 10 years later. OMG She was fine dada.

18. And now our very own King of Kumasi pop music, Ypee.

19. Well the challenge wasn’t taken on by only big time celebrities. This is my 10yearschallenge picture. I looked cute back then though.

A lot happens even in a day. And that is why it is important for moments like this where we look back and see what has changed in a decade. share with us some of your favorite celebrity picture for the 10yearchallenge by leaving a comment below.

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