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We love our country Ghana! Don’t we? We cherish everything that make us Ghanaians. A Ghanaian Loves and shares Love. A Ghanaian likes to fraternize and to show care. We are different in the world and we are special. Our peaceful nature has caught the eye of the international community. The hundred million cedi question that one might have a bungled mind over is ” what really make us who we are”. What makes the country Ghana and it’s citizenry different. I have attempted to give you a very in depth research on the things that make our beloved country special. These might be things you never knew about yet make us the envy of the international world.


Wow! what refreshing news to hear. After all, Africans through Ghana can have something to boast of. The Volta lake which is located at the Volta region of Ghana is the largest man made lake in the whole wide world. It covers a surface area of 8,502 kilometer square. The Volta lake rises 150 to 215 meters above sea level. It was created from 1961 to 1965 by damming together the black Volta and the white Volta. This is a major tourist site. People from all walks of life, just want to come to Ghana and to see it for themselves.

This really vindicate our first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when he said, “the Blackman is capable of managing his own affairs”. Through the Volta lake, Ghana has the Akosombo dam which supply Ghana with electricity. By this, Ghana is able to export electricity to its neighboring countries. Aside it’s power generation, it has also become a good place for sea fishing. Undoubtedly, the Volta lake produces the largest chunk of Ghana’s need for fish consumption and exportation. Fish like tilapia is very common there. Lately oil has been found in a larger qantity at the Volta lake. In simple terms, the Volta lake has become a national asset.

2. “Prekese” Can Be Found In Ghana

The English name for Prekese is Aiden fruit which has it scientific name to be tetrapleura tetraptera.It can be found only in Ghana and Israel. Prekese is a special herbal spice widely used for food, medicine and spiritual purposes. It is believed to drive away evil spirits. It’s a spice that’s believed to draw God closer to man. Aside it’s spiritual use, it’s also an aromatic spice that spice every food used to prepare.

Due to its high aromatic smell, it brings additional taste to the food. Believe you me, you will love it when you try it. Medicinally, it’s used in curing Asthma, Diabetes, combats convulsion, Arthritis, reduces blood pressure and repel mosquitoes etc. This herbal plant is believed to be part of the herbs spoken about in Exodus 30:34. It comes as no surprise to me for Prekese to be found only in Israel and Ghana since the two nations are nations after God’s own heart.

3. Ghana Has The Best Cocoa Bean In The World

Cocoa is arguably the most sought after bean in the world due to the many products that can be gotten out of it. Cocoa is used for chocolate, Milo, soaps, and pomade etc. At least everybody in the world had ever consumed one product or the other from cocoa. Now here comes the interesting part of the whole issue to Ghanaians. Cocoa beans from Ghana is considered the best in the world. Although we are the second largest producer of cocoa in the world, Ghana’s cocoa always stands tall everywhere. Put Ghana cocoa at the right hand side and the rest from other countries on the left hand side. It’s quality talks for itself. Giving a brief history to our cocoa, Tetteh Quarshie was the one who as a patriotic citizen introduced the beans into Ghana from Fenando Po an island in Equatorial Guinea now renamed Bioko. He came to nurse the seedlings in Ghana at Akwapim in the Eastern region of Ghana. Since then, cocoa has become the highest earner of GDP for our country. With a standing ovation, let’s give it up for Tetteh Quarshie and his cocoa….

4. Ghana Is The Centre Of The World

Ghana our beloved country is the center of the world. Wow! So it means Ghana can’t be taken for granted neither can we be undermined. We are the pivotal country to the world. To speak factually, please pardon me to speak a little bit scientifically.The notational center,(0°,0°) is located in the Atlantic ocean but it’s approximately 614km(382mi) off southeast of Ghana on the gulf of guinea. The Longitude zero degrees also called the Greenwich meridian passes through Tema, a city of Ghana. However, the earth rotate on its Axis which means Longitude zero was chosen arbitrarily, therefore Ghana was chosen arbitrarily.

We have everything in our favor, God, science, patriotic and hardworking citizenry, a feature that make us love our country despite its numerous challenges. We love Ghana and we will die Ghanaians.

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