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Father’s day which is celebrated on every third Sunday of the month of June every year is a day set aside to commemorate our fathers for their indispensible roles in our upbringing (from conception to where we are now to wherever we may get to).

Fathers are portrayed as the hard ones of the two, having to email strong, their tears are a taboo. They happen to take all the critical decisions, the rise or fall of their families is pinned on them but are seldomly celebrated because it assumed to be their responsibility which indeed is.

In this our Ghanaian traditional society, how often does one see fathers discharge their duties and responsibilities to the letter? Very few of them actually take pride in how well they have helped their families. It is quite unusual to see a woman excel at a man-job when some men keep struggling and eventually shirk their responsibilities altogether.

My mother has been both my mother and father from a very tender age. This phenomenal is no news to you my fellow Ghanaians and most of you can relate. At some point, I thought my mum would break down and give up on us too like he did but she never did. She pushed herself and us through thick and thin singlehandedly and is still pushing us. “Tomorrow come to school with your father!” And mum is with me the next day saying Dad is busy with other things. She is the strongest person I know. This is where I say HAPPY FATHER’S DAY MUM and to all single mothers.

God bless you mum.

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