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Lifestyle segment with Jackie


You don’t have to wear makeup to look your best. In fact, natural beauty is more popular than ever. By taking good care of your skin and experimenting with your hair, clothes, and accessories, you can make over your style while still looking like yourself!

Wash your face twice a day

Wet your face, then massage a gentle cleanser onto your skin using a circular motion. Wash your face for about 2 minutes, then rinse away the cleanser thoroughly
Facial cleansers are often formulated based on your skin type, so pay attention to whether your skin is more oily, dry, acne-prone, or a combination of both.
Once a week, gently wash your skin with a washcloth to exfoliate any dead skin cells.

Pat your skin dry with a soft, clean towel after you finish washing it

.: Apply a toner to balance your skin. Toner is a product that helps clean out your pores, balance the pH of your skin, and protect you from impurities in the environment. After you wash and dry your face, apply a little toner to a cotton ball and dab it all over your face.

Avoid using a toner or wipe with alcohol, as this can dry out your skin. Instead, look for one with hydrating ingredients like witch hazel or rosewater.

Apply moisturizer to your face, hands, and body every day.

Keep your skin healthy and hydrated by applying a moisturizer once or twice a day, especially on your face. Your healthy glow will bring out your natural beauty, no makeup required!Since the skin on your face is thinner, use a special facial moisturizer for the skin there, then use regular lotion on your hands and body.

Treat acne with an over-the-counter ointment.

If you do get a breakout, avoid touching the bump, as this could lead to inflammation and possibly infection. Instead, apply a dab of a cream or ointment containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which will help reduce redness and help your acne heal faster,Acne doesn’t have to disrupt your natural approach. In fact, covering an acne spot with makeup can make it worse.

Groom your eyebrows

. Simply brushing your eyebrows with a spoolie or a clean, soft toothbrush can help you look more put-together. Brush the hairs upward first, then smooth them out in the direction they naturally grow

If your brows don’t want to stay in place, you can spray a little hairspray or use a clear gloss on the spoolie or toothbrush to help tame them.
If you like, you can also pluck your eyebrows with tweezers to shape them. Start by removing any stray hairs that fall above or below your brows. Don’t overpluck, or you might be left with unnatural-looking gaps in your brows.


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