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How To Strengthen Your Relationship

Its said that the best is reserved for the last. This can be true taking into consideration what I am about sharing with you on our last episode on the series” Kiss Me”
I must say, I have enjoyed every bit of it and I believe you have as well. Thank you again for your warm feedback. I promise in conjunction with the vision of shejackiesays, to give the best that I can. We are ready to quench that panting heart out there with soothing pieces. Today, I am ending the topic I started last week “how to strengthen your relationship”. You can refer to my article KISS ME PART 2. It can be recalled that three points were given and today, a top up of three wouldn’t be bad


One of the most dangerous threat on any relationship is insecurity. Castigations can be very evil and demonic to make things very downright, probably it could be better you don’t enter such relationships. It makes relationship of any kind very stressful and tiring. The prime sources of confusion in relationships are suspicions and been judgemental. You suspect your beloved is in another relationship, without concrete evidence you become judgemental on frivolous matters. It is ridiculous the sort of things some people make a hell out of. A simple phone call sometimes becomes a bone of contention. Some people would want to call more than necessary in a day and they wouldn’t want you to miss one… NO!! not even one, and let the enemy get you and you miss one. It must be understood that its not always the case that your beloved’s inability to make time for you gives a sign that he or she doesn’t care or that he or she is avoiding you, even though, I admit it’s the case sometimes. I advise that after you have called once or twice without your beloved picking up, don’t jump into conclusion to suspect, maybe he or she is tied to something equally important. I trust and believe he or she will return the call whenever he or she is available. We by no means have to think for people. We should seek clarification if we have to. It is said that the devil is in the details. It is better you come to the round table and talk things out than to suspect and to judge without any informed bases


Giving can never be substituted with anything in a relationship. One way or the other, you must stretch your hands. One thing I made mention of last week was that your beloved should be your friend. Giving to a friend means giving to yourself. Most of the times, we give to them without expecting a pay back. Sometimes, those we give to are not in any position to pay back but the mere fact that you two are friends. I was speaking to a fairly middle aged lady and she told me that she does not consider any guy serious when he request something in return of what he has done for her whether in cash or kind. She continued to say that such action only tells her that the guy is only buying her love. I thought through and I think she is right. To strengthen your relationship, you need to give without expecting anything in returns. It must be stressed that, once you are ready to have a beloved, it means you are Ready to spend. Too much of it sometimes can be costly though. There are so many ways to give very memorable things to your beloved without spending too much. The little things are what keeps the fire blazing. Be notified that, you must give reasonably and you shouldn’t over impressed


Your beloved should be part and parcel of you. Know everything about him or her. Make sure you are their superman or woman. Be their captain planet who goes every length to make things happen. You need to combine your forces; water, wind, air, straight you go to their rescue. Try to be in their mind. Know what they are thinking at every particular time. Be there to help every time you are needed. Whether in the rain or the scorching sun. It is vry dangerous to let them down in the times you are so needed. I was once on a car with church members going to church. A certain lady asked from me a needle to pin her dress. Sorrowfully, I couldn’t get it for her so she asked me to call a certain brother who was sitting two seats Infront.Apparently he was the one the lady had wanted to ask. I realized how certain the lady was asking a needle from a brother.

I was wondering how on earth can a lady ask a needle from a gentleman and not from her fellow ladies. I was left with amusement when I saw the brother get the needle for the lady. Why he kept a needle in his bag is unknown to me. This is what I am talking about. Be everywhere for them and win their heart.You won’t believe the kind of bond that exist between these two even though they are not beloveds. Nobody could break that bond between them, not even the wife of the brother or the beloved of the lady.

Spice that relationship again. I hope this series was helpful. Keep your fingers crossed for more of these beautiful piece.

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