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Idle Man Dresscode

What To Wear To A Dinner Party
Is the idea of going out to a dinner party causing you to stress about your outfit? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think. Here’s our style guide on what to wear.

Instead of stressing about what you’re going to wear to a dinner party, you should be looking forward to socialising with your friends or colleagues. First things first, it really does all depend on what sort of dinner party you are attending. Is it for a special occasion or merely just a catch-up? To calm your nerves, we have come up with some options. There are many styles you can adopt for this type of occasion and our guide can be mixed and matched based on your style.

Dinner Party Attire
Depending on how formal the dinner party is that you’re attending, it will be appropriate for you to wear different styles of clothing. For instance, what you wear to a dinner party at your mates house is going to be different to what you’ll wear to a dinner party with people from work. Although this may seem like a dauntingly broad question to ask, there are generally several different styles that will cover most dinner party bases.
So, whether you’re going to a dinner party with the queen, or with your best friend, check out the rest of this style guide for all the best tips and tricks on what to wear.

Black tie dress code

is one of the more formal outfits a man can wear. Although white tie is the most formal, not many men still wear this type of dress. Instead, black tie dress has become the standard formal attire for men to wear at social functions.
You will typically wear black tie at events that take place in the evening after 6pm. Depending on who’s dinner party it is, you probably won’t be expected to dress up like this. However, if it’s at a particularly fancy restaurant then they may require you to wear black tie . Anyway, it’s still important to know how to wear this dress code, just in case you need it.

Black Tie Outfit
At the centre of any black tie outfit is the dinner jacket (tuxedo in America). Unlike a normal suit jacket, a dinner jacket is a black suit blazer that has lapels that are a different shade or texture to the rest of the jacket. Including this, you will need a pair of matching black suit trousers.
Underneath the dinner jacket, you should wear a clean white dress shirt . If you want to go all out then try finding one with a wing tipped collar to show off more of the bowtie. However, if you don’t wear black tie outfits regularly then this may seem like a bit of a wasted investment, don’t worry, a normal shirt collar works just fine.
To finish the look off, add a pair of black high shine
leather shoes , and a black bow tie. The high shine leather will add a bit of extra formal style. If you want to add even more accessories then you can add a waistcoat underneath the dinner jacket. However, this can make the outfit a bit crowded and hot.

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