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In order to maximize your university/college relationship experience, here are a few tips and tricks

Lifestyle segment with Jackie

■Be open to new experiences: there are plenty of chances to try new things and put yourself out there in college. It’ll be a great way to meet guys or bond with your new partner

Keep reminders of the past: have photos handy and memories to share with your new partner so they can feel connected to who you were before college

Stay grounded: don’t let your new relationship rule your Uni experience. Try to make new friends and get your GPA up as high as possible.

●Keep separate identities

: There are plenty of chances in Uni for the two of you to spend time together, but don’t always take them. Hang out with friends and do things separately—you’ll be closer for it in the end!

●Make your own memories together

: Do fun things that you can only do in Uni; spend an entire night together studying in the library, or play games together (as long as they don’t take attendance and you can get the notes from someone later!) so that you can sleep in.

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