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Kiss Me By Braqobi


Hello shejackiesays avid reader, a seasons greeting of love to you! to you!!and to you there!! . As an open secret, shejackiesays is treating you with spiced articles to add a sparkle to your Valentine celebration. February has always given us the opportunity to add more color to our love lives as well as to our varied relationships. As a writer, in this aromatic monumental season, I want to serve on your table, a highly researched and well thought over series untitled “kiss me”. Basically, the primary motive is to give you seasoned and sound council as to how to strengthen your relationship. How to add live to your relationship. Is your relationship breaking? is it at the verge of collapsing? Are you lost as far as strengthening your relationship is concerned? These and many of your mind buckling questions is what I intend to give solutions to in this masterpiece series” kiss me”As a way of introducing the month of Love, February, I will want to utilize this opportunity to unveil to you the origin and the reasons behind this special occasion of Valentine which has always taken the center of discussion in the month  of February.Valentine day as the name suggest was named as a memorial to a Saint called Valentine. He is noted to be a martyr of Rome who put into marriage two soldiers who were forbidden to marry. He also ministered as his calling demanded to Christians. Saint Valentine was imprisoned and executed. Interestingly, he opened the blind daughter of the judge who later ordered for his execution. As his farewell message before he was executed, he wrote to the judge;” it’s your Valentine”
After Saint Valentine’s execution, it has been an insertion of annual Love feast that has greased the world with specialized greeting cards.
Just a teaser as I eluded to. Catch me on the other side for my next post as I delve deep into the real issues” How to strengthen your relationship”. Be my audience next time and let’s learn. Please don’t forget to get interactive with your comments and questions. Enjoy this special month…

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