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Kiss Me part2

The clock has tick-tocked to now and the whistle is set to be blown to outdoor the most anticipated Love anniversary, Valentine’s day. Val’s day is here and is here for us. If you are in a relationship, then you’ve hit the jackpot but if you don’t, you are not exempted from enjoying this season. Valentine’s day is a day to share love with people either you are in a relationship with them or not. It must be clarify that, Love does not necessarily need a partner to be shared abroad. It only needs readiness of mind to sacrifice and the ability to give to people. Whoever thinks sacrifice is not anything, then love is also not worth it. Anyways, Let me focus on the business of the day. As I alluded to in the introduction of my series titled “Kiss Me” last week, I am entreating you to the ways to strengthen your relationship. Today, I would do justice to only three points.


Human beings would forever remain human beings unless off course when there is recreation. Human beings are noted with diverse flaws. Everybody has a positive side as well as the negative. Relating it to relationship, you must accept your beloved has flaws because he or she is a human. To help yourself and your relationship, you first have to accept that the two of you are imperfect species who are bound to make mistakes. It must be stressed that as many faults you can find with your beloved, he/she will find equally same with you. It is public knowledge that you can rarely change a person. Once their character traits and mannerisms have been formed, it takes only God. Having armed yourself with these facts, then we can talk about the point itself. To strengthen your relationship, it is important to talk over what your beloved does that you don’t like. Now, if you are lucky and he/she changes, Bingo! Hallelujah! Thank God, be happy and celebrate… hahaha! but when it happens otherwise, that is where you call on your maturity. Be mature enough to adapt to the current issues. Be ready to flow as though nothing has happened and I can assure you, it wouldn’t be too long for him or her to replicate same. Trust me, this is a very sure way to strengthen that broken relationship this Val’s day.



No relationship is devoid of misunderstandings, NO, not even one. This is the Gospel truth and everybody must accept it as it is. You should know first of all that you are all from different backgrounds therefore misunderstandings are expected. What you should take note rather is how you can turn the misunderstandings and the apparent fights to the advantage of the relationship. The advice to all is to make misunderstandings very short. Do not prolong matters. And in the times of misunderstanding, please make sure you stick to the matter at hand. There is no need to twist issues to your advantage by bringing old and past misunderstandings. Be quick to understand matters and quick to accept your beloved’s shortcomings. For all you know, you might be the one at fault.


The surest way of strengthening your relationship is to be friends! Be friends!! Be friends!!!. It works like magic. It is certainly not all the time that there will be the need for a strong romantic feelings. Sometimes you just need to be easy going. To be yourself and flow. Wherever there is strong attachment of love, the relationship becomes very tensed and stale. Everybody becomes very careful of himself or herself which eventually leads to many mistakes. Like any of your very best friends, try to make your beloved one of them. Don’t get it twisted, your beloved must be treated with care as compared to your friends. Free flowing, tickling and giggling that comes out of friendship, allows him or her to truly open up to you on what he or she likes and dislikes. Be the person he or she truly trust, someone he or she can share secrets with. To gents, please try to be a person she can “gossip” with. Let her be secure around you and your better days are here.

This Val’s day promise to be mega, better and sweeter. Let these bulleted points help you out. Meet again next week as we continue with the points. Let’s get interactive. Hit me and let’s flow .

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