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Meet Incredible Zigi: Shejackiesays Celebrity of The Month

A-Star – Kupe Dance (Official Stream)

For many of us that could be a mere wishful thinking, but not for this 25 years old Ghanaian (born Michael Amofa), who goes by the name the Incredible Zigi.

He has created not one, but two dance moves that has gone viral worldwide. For someone who cannot dance his way out of trouble, I found myself wiggling my feet after I saw him do the Kupe dance on Instagram.

His dance steps, the “Pilolo” and “Kupe” is now perhaps the most attempted dance move by people everywhere from the streets of Ghana, across Africa and the world.


So intoxicating are the moves that Janet Jackson couldn’t help but get drowned by the flow. As she performed both the Pilolo and Kupe dance moves during her perfomance of “Made for Now”on Jimmy Fallon.

When asked how he felt watching Janet Jackson do his dance moves on Jimmy Fallon? He said:

My heart started beating faster. I teared up after watching it because it really hasn’t been easy building this brand.

But the evolution of the two toe-moving dance steps that is got the whole world dancing their abs off came out of those boring days of persistent and laborious dance rehearsals. This is what he says about the process though:

I came up with the steps one evening while rehearsing to shoot a dance video. I rushed to my brother (whom he admits is like myself, not so much of a dancer), showed him the steps and he asked me to add more energy to it. I did more research, watched more dance videos, so I wouldn’t come up with an already existing dance, then went ahead to shoot the dance video, ending it with new step without naming it.

Yeah just like that a lucky break on a regular day. But what really fascinates me about his approach towards his gift is the level of curiosity that he breeds into it. Because he didn’t want to “come up with an already existing dance”, he researched and researched and researched, no wonder those moves got me tapping a few toes myself.

But why Kupe and Pilolo, what is behind the name choice?

Kupe is a popular saying on the streets of Ghana to “warn” or threaten someone, he said. So I came up with the Kupe dance step by clapping – to alert or get someone’s attention – and, then show the peace sign – to promote peace in society.

And as for Pilolo; He came up with the name “Pilolo” after a friend casually made a joke with the word.
So anytime you do the Kupe dance, you are calling for peace in our society and Pilolo is a reminder that Ghanaians have incredible things to teach the world.

But who really is this guy and what does he do?

facebook: @incrediblezigi

For Starters, he is a Ghanaian, I think that needs highlighting because to most of the world, we are probably one of those shithole African countries. And 100% of the time, to the indigenous Ghanaian youth with a basket-full of aspirations, there is no point trying to succeed in Ghana. So I say again that Incredible Zigi is a Ghanaian. And also your “favourite dance artist”.

Where did you grow up and which schools did you attend?

I grew up in Accra, and I went to Crown Prince Academy JHS and an Old student of Odorgonno Senior High School, all in Accra.

He started his journey as a kid (like you and me), dancing his way through the streets in Accra. After losing his mom, he became attached to dancing as a means to carve meaning out of the chaos of the world and also rely on his elder brother for all the support he needed, especially in building his dancing career.

After dancing professionally for over a decade now, he has gone from shooting videos with Africa’s top super stars in the music industries (like Davido, Patoranking, MrEazi, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale , and many more), to teaching his dance steps to the world in places like Moscow Russia. Don’t go telling this guy that hardwork and determination pays, he is living proof of it.

Dancing Career and Online Success.

He is probably the first Ghanaian dancer to be featured on multiple blog articles on the internet. He’s been featured on the famous Global Grind, twice. He has over 170K followers on instagram, 8, 536 YouTube subscribers as at the time of writing this article. And a growing number of people worldwide trying to outdo themselves in his “Kupe challenge”.

He has popularized the latest Omo ada dance flavor with a view of over 53K on YouTube and counting, and his fame keeps rising like a chorus in a song. He is no doubt the Michael Jackson of Ghana.

The energy you find in his dancing steps is exhilarating. You will nod your head severally when watching him dance and find your mouth doing that thing that it does when you see something awe-ly-mazing. ☺

Incredible zigi says:

Dance saved [my] life after God did.

He is currently on a mission to re-define dance positively and help create ventures for the upcoming youth in the industry, to earn and make a good living out of dance. He believes this will motivate and keep them inspired not to give up on their dreams and great talent.

When asked which U.S. music artists he would like to work with in the future and why? He mentioned Usher, saying:

He inspires me a lot and I would love to teach him my Pilolo and Kupe dances. He’s a living legend!

His young hero’s dream is to own dance studios all around Africa and beyond to help give hope to the younger generation out there dancing on the streets just to make a living. His plan is to educate the young lads and set them out on a path to be able to make a career out of their talents.

Filled with passion for dancing and the desire to highlight Ghana on the globe once again, Incredible Zigi is on a glorious journey and mission. A journey that we hope to follow closely and celebrate him on the way.

There are millions of young talented individuals on the streets of Ghana who are getting ready, poised to shake the world with their talents and gifts, when they do, we shall hoist them like flags for the whole world to see.

But until then, as far as dancing is concerned, Incredible Zigi has motivated me to take another shot at it. Look out for me soon. Keep doing the Kupe challenge and whatever you do don’t forget to #Doitlikezigi.


This is a dedicated effort to highlight key personalities who are doing really amazing things both nationally and internationally. Men and women who are making Ghana trend globally for something really good in their own way.
From five star artists and actors to the guy trying to launch a career on YouTube, if you inspire more than two people in the world, we will hoist you to the world.

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