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Valentine’s Day is coming. Barely a week away, and like the predicted winter in Game of thrones, every preparation is dependent on it.

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Not long ago, just a few years back, maybe 2 or 3 years to be precise, I never had to worry about the approach of any special day for lovers. I think most of the reason had to do with the fact that I was single and maybe even sadistically lonely. This year I am not. I am in a relationship and as Valentine’s Day draws near, I am starting to get worried and here is why.

For start, school has resumed, and that means campus is busy with lectures and study schedules. For a book worm like me, it means more urgency to read and be found consuming a lot of course materials. With last semester’s exam results being published one after the other, I begin to wonder if there is any time that will be solely dedicated to play in this semester. It is hard to think about celebrating Valentine’s Day when you are performing poorly in your academics.

Secondly, 14th February marks the first episode for the campus radio show which I will be co-hosting this semester. To avoid leaving our listeners worried about the fate of the show, my co-host and I have decided not to postpone the show to the following week but host a Val’s Day centred show where we will be exploring the literature and facts behind this much celebrated lover’s day. So instead of spending time alone with my girlfriend this valentine’s day, I will be on air, discussing the notion behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

However, despite all these distractions that will be surrounding me this Valentine’s Day, I do have a sense how I will spend the day in general, of course with the one I love.

The morning will be occupied with lectures. I think I have a lecture somewhere around 9:00 am in the morning which will end by 12:00 pm. After which in preparation for my show in the evening I will be needing total solitude somewhere on campus or in my room.

Later in the afternoon, I will be hitting the street to interview people for the show to find out their thoughts on Valentine’s Day, its impact and their preparation for the night.

Latest by 6:00 pm, I will be wrapping up with all preparations and be heading towards the studio for the one hour duration show which airs between 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. After that I will come back to the hostel to pick up babe and go break a few bottles.

It may not be the most romantic schedule for a day that is meant to be solely devoted to that special someone in your life but, I guess I will have to make the best of what the day will offer me. She may not be entirely happy staying at home and not be able to go the Love Night valentine dinner being organised on campus but I hope things go well in the end♥. Let me know what your plans are by sharing with me in the comments. Will it be as bad as mine?

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