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Occasions and dressing

Lecture dressing
Class presentations
I rem I once dressed in a tie with a long sleeves to lectures, n got all eyes on me like nicki n meek mill would say. I actually had a presentation that day but unfortunately it couldn’t come off. Everyone who by passed me had to take a second look tho,
Anyways that was just by the way. Today am actually going to about dressing for class presentations.
Most students would feel Is not a big deal tho but hell yea it is a big deal.
To my ladies, I would advice you to be in either a high waisted skirt or trouser matching with a long sleeve top. A flat down shoe is mostly required.
Please no sandal or slippers.
*Colour blend*
Shirts colurs like sea blue, peach, white, mauve
Are mostly suitable for presentations.
I would always advice black skirt or black trousers for presentations.
Note : Hot coloured attired are not advisable

And also with the face, the makeup should be very light, a school makeup would do, no colourful lipstick but nude or a glossy mouth polisher would do.
To the guys:
Whoops, what Mark do you expect when you wear a jalabia for your class presentation, indeed I think if there’s something after zero you deserve it.
For a class presentation, I always advice guys to be on point. With your hair trimmed or cut low nicely
A white or a soo not colourful long sleeves shirt would do and a black trouser. Be sure to tuck in your shirt n get a black belt to avoid too much colours on you.
.. with this I think for guys we good to go.

Note ” guys avoid wearing lactose n tucking in for a presentation.

Don’t break a sweat the next time that you’re required to wear business casual attire for a class presentation.

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