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Not so long ago I went through depression triggered by the untimely loss of my mother. In trying to understand how other people have experienced depression, I surveyed some of my friends and these are some of their responses.

  • Yaa Amponsah
    20 years from Kumasi
    “My experience about depression was that I had to break up with my boyfriend for some reasons and it ate me up later on until i decided to go back to him”.
  • How she overcame it
    “What I did was to do what I could about the situation because I couldn’t change them.
    To do what makes me happy and to always ‘let go ‘ when i can’t do anything again. There were a lot of side strings but it all boils down to having issues with the person I loved the most and still do. I listened to music that fed my soul and fuelled my sadness
    But there are many kinds of music that empowered me too sometimes”

  • Kwabena Opoku
    24 years from Koforidua.
    “Hmm my state of depression was way back in SHS… When my colleagues used to laugh at me and tease me just because I couldn’t do any hard work. When I was about 2 years old, I suffered from a hole-in-heart and affected me to do hard work physically even though they operated me so when I grew up I was told not to do any hard work so they used my predicament to mock me and I felt so depressed”
  • How he overcame it
    ” I had a friend who was a key factor. And I also encouraged myself enough. My friend used to talk to me and motivate me. I was there one day and decided not to worry about them because I had to move on.”
  • Alex Kwame
    25 years from Kumasi.
    “I don’t have a girlfriend and it gets me depressed .

You see, in life we all get to a stage where you’ll have that kinda feeling to get a girl friend to date just that some strong and resilient like us don’t give it much attention but it does. How I see the situation was like seeking something from someone only for the date to be due and be told you can’t be helped or it’s impossible. That’s sad. I waited patiently on someone and didn’t get the person so I felt depressed”

How he overcame.
“So I think the realization that,the situation or event that led to the depression is part of life and inevitable so you can easily get over it.”Nana Ama
22 years from Accra
“My case of depression was an intense one, it was very very intense I’ll say,it happened recently ,I lost a friend who was not just mere friend to me. I had found confidence in him and saw him to be my teacher because he taught me so many things I didn’t know. He died out of accident not vehicular accident though. I became terribly scared and thereafter became depressed because the thought of he dying that way was drastic and I felt his death was haunting me and no one knew but I would weep anytime I felt like”

How I overcame it
“I prayed about it and realized death is inevitably in our lives so I had to move on and be hopeful in God for a resurrection some day to come.”

We all may be depressed in one or two ways but we wouldn’t even know if it’s depression. Many discussions with friends, family and others have shown to me that we all have been depressed before and overcoming it sometimes become the problem. Keep watching this space for a write up on the nature of dspression and some suggested ways to tackle it from experts. In the meantime tell us the story of your experience with depression below in the comments. Keep safe!

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