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If your vacation or weekends are boring, worry not because I wrote this for you. There are thousands of movies out there from different categories from drama, romantic, crime, sci-fi and many others. Some people are much more into Hollywood movies, others prefer Bollywood, Kumawood, Ghallywood, Nollywood or a bit of every “wood” you can think of. If you are a movie lover I suggest you to sit, you are are about to be entertained!

●The first I would recommend is PALM TREES IN THE SNOW. An old letter found by a young woman reveals a clue and she travels from Spain to Africa to her family’s tropical plantation to uncover generations of secrets. These secrets happened during the colonial era when Spain ruled over Equatorial Guinea. In there, you would feel the romantic bond between a pretty black nurse who was married and a handsome white boy who had joined his father and brother to seek greener pastures. You wouldn’t want to miss a minute of this 2h 43m piece which contains nudity, sex and strong language. Recommended for 16 and above. ●Number two is NAPPILY EVER AFTER. A perfectionist faces setback in her relationship and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Her mother who was obsessed with her daughter’s hair had her fair share of heartbreak. Get ready to meet a lady who would wake up as early as possible to get her long hair combed to avoid her boyfriend waking up to her messy hair. This will teach you something about your hair, the black African hair. It’s an hour and half long. ●BIRD BOX is third on my list. A brave woman with two children fights to reach safety 5 years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide. You can only survive with a blindfold in this two hour movie. I know what you are thinking, looking outside on a screen connected to a camera still wouldn’t help, yes you would end up killing yourself. Stay indoors or keep your eyes closed outside! ●ROMA recently won an award at the Golden Globes and I cannot exclude it from this list.
It gives you the vivid emotional portrait of a domestic worker’s journey set against domestic and political turmoil in 1970s Mexico. Directed by the Oscar winning Alfonso Cuarón. This is not your regular type of movie, it tells the story from a documentary perspective and it’s very informative. Be prepared to see a lot of dog poop.Haha!

●Next on the list is Genevieve Nnaji’s LIONHEART. Released on the fourth of January 2019, it tackles the story of Adaeze (Genevieve) who rose up to save her father Pete Edochie’s company from being taken away by Kanayo O. Kanayo with the help of her uncle. Plot twist, no juju, money ritual or chieftaincy. In this movie, the Nigerian rapper Phyno is not the favorite of his father but rather Genevieve. It has bold lines of feminism printed on it but I can assure you it would make sense to the biggest fan of patriarchy.
●If you love subtitles then this is definitely for you, NOTHING TO HIDE. A group of old friends agree to share every private message that pops up on their cellphones to spice up their dinner party. This is where Adults pay for agreeing to such a childish idea. Not even the beautiful eclipse was able to save some of them. Also there is something at the latter part which elevated the movie to the awesome level, a little twist. The results? You need to see for yourself!

●This is also for you subtitle lovers, WHEN ANGELS SLEEP. A businessman falls asleep at the wheel and hits a lady with his car. His interactions with her scared friend unfolds dark, dark events. Sometimes we can go to the extreme to see the light of day without considering the results that might come out. Both the lady and man do what most of us would have done if we find ourselves in such situations. If you feel tired behind the steer, find a rest stop.

This list is not in order and make sure you don’t miss any of them. If you love romantic scenes I have some in there for you and I did not forget the horror lovers either. You can get them on Netflix or other websites you know of but it should be through the numerous appropriate means.
Some other time, I’ll give you another list of 8 great series. Be good!!

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