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This reminded me of a poetry I did to commemorate the

celebration of teachers day back in SHS. There was a favorite line of which I believe will help our compression for the subject matter.”a person without appreciation is a person full of condemnation”. There is no painful and stressful position to be in than in the midst of ungrateful beings, people who can’t say thank you. Even Jesus expected the 10 men healed of leprosy to say thank you. How much more we mortal beings. Today, I roll to you the seven solid ways you can appreciate somebody for a kind gesture or other words ,seven ways to say THANK YOU.

1.Write them a thank you letter

There are many creative ways to say thank you to that kind of person who has shown you a nice gesture. One of such is to write the person a thank you letter. Getting a greeting card with nice appreciative words will go a long way to make the person feel appreciated for his or her kind gesture. I must say it cost just a peanut to appreciate a person especially if you stick to writing the personal thank you letter.

2.Celebrate their birthdays

To say thank you to someone ,you can celebrate with them or for them their birthdays. Let’s take a look at someone who has taken of you since childhood .Be it your parents or

guardian. With all the stress and the pain you subjected him or her into . How else can you say thank you to such a person appreciatively Believe me,a sure way you can do that is to celebrate their birthdays for or with them. Just imagine the joy you can put on their face, when you recognize efforts and commitments they’ve contributed to our upbringing. Even though I have lowered the curtains to the parents and guardians, you can do it for anybody you really want to appreciate.

3. Offer Your Seats To Them In Public Transport.

As early on mentioned, there are a lot of creative ways you can thank a fellow. Sometimes it will need you to commit to resources and most often , you do not need anything. Just the act of giving your seat to such a person in a public transport is a very good opportunity to say thankyou. Action they say speaks louder than words. Most often, people appreciate actions more than words

4. Honor them

I once read somewhere that, all that men need is respect. I thought about it and realized it made soo much sense Though it might not be solely about respect but I believe it also counts. People need to be respected ,people need to be honored. Making a public show of what they have done for you, sends a stronger signal of appreciating the person. I attend the lighthouse Church international and as part of our doctrines ,we are taught to honour parents, Prophets and everybody. And in honoring, one is expected to say good things about the person in the absence of the person . Honoring someone who has done something for you shows how thankful and appreciative you are to the person.

5.Compliment Them

Most people think compliment is a feminine thing but I disagree. Everyone under this sun likes to be complimented for doing something good. One sure way to say thank you to someone is to complement someone. Recognizing how thoughtful they have been to you goes a long way for them to feel appreciated. Never think especially guys do not need compliments. I tell you they really need it like everybody

6.Be Ready To Listen

To show gratitude is to show respect.The beginning of respect is to listen attentively. Largely anybody who listens attentively is respectful. Pay attention to the saying of people you want to appreciate. Never in your life should you show a sign of ungratefulness by being inattentive.

7.Be Loyal

Loyalty indeed is a sure way to thank People. To be Loyal is to have unflinching support for someone. Never betray the very person you want to show gratitude to, Be there for the person always. Don’t talk ill of the person you want to show gratitude. Just be loyal.

Kindly heed to the above suggestions and your relationship with people will hardly go sour.

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