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5 Signs , She’s into you


So Guys , have you ever wondered if the girl you like has the same like vibe as you do. I’m here to give you 5 undienable signs that shows that she’s also into you. And if it works , dude you need to be giving me all the accolades . Lets get right into it

5. She’s willing to make future plans

Alright so u met a fine girl, and u hitting things off with her and she’s cool with everything not wanting to know what you are about. Dude , the girl ain’t into you , leave her alone. But when she’s into you I bet you she’s not missing any detail of your life goals and plans

4. She does the Background check

In the early days of getting to know a girl, it’s easy to miss some signals. But once a girl is into you, she will start collecting intel and doing the background check.

She needs to know all the details bout you. Your friends, what u do, your ex, where you come from etc. I bet u no girl will do that if she doesn’t like you.

3. She lets you in on her dark side

At some point in time a girl who really likes you will let her guard down a bit , just to test you. She will do it on purpose, just to give u a taste of her vulnerable side. She needs to be sure her true self won’t send you running towards the hills and she trusts you.

And this looks like exposing herself to you, laughing at everything you say and sharing her more personal information with you. She will share things that scare her, tragic things that happened to her , her worst fears etc

2. She gives you her undivided attention

Guys when we don’t like you, we just don’t waste our time with you. If she likes you

When two of you are having a conversation, she will put away her phone, ignore passing distractions and focus her energies towards you

That is her way of showing that she’s invested in what you have to say and your words mean something to her.

1. Conversations between the two of you seems effortless

Both your conversations and time seems effortless. A two hour date can turn into an hour date. And neither of you might realize how far time was spent.

If this is happening to you don’t think twice , she’s definitely into you


And the moment she asks about other female friends and whether you have a girlfriend his know that she’s into you.

Also look for repeated signals

And like her right back.

These are thoughts and suggestions. Drop your comments below and she with is your thoughts

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