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The good in the bad


One is very lucky to have been born in this generation
Amidst a global pandemic man-taxing almost every nation
You may call me stupid or unlucky in good thought operation
But wait for it before you advocate ardently for my suspension

It is a great time and there couldn’t be a greater time to be alive
When even family relationships are as edgy as a butcher’s knife
When life’s become all ‘bout chasing the paper, ignoring the inner strife
Of the very people we really love-cherish for whom we daily-strive

Evil pandemics as this leaves in its wake a great opportunity
To spend unearned time with those who matter most, in serenity
Mending every broken and leaking ship. Shipbuilders for a fortnight
To endure the wear and tear imposed by time in perpetuity

You may want to call me stupid but wait
Ain’t the time to return home well after eight
Take this opportunity to learn your last child’s weight
And take your marriage back to save the date

It’s Legacy TheSpokesMan
Until we meet again, Think On It

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