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The untold story -He Raped me, Im his friend.

Lifestyle segment with Shejackiesays

Rape is a bitter pill which no woman or man would want to experience. 

Beverly Engel is a psychotherapist and author of more than 20 self-help books, including a forthcoming book on surviving sexual assault. She said shame and self-blame are central reasons why survivors of assault don’t report these crimes. 

“Victims are often too ashamed to come forward. Sexual assault is a very humiliating and dehumanizing act against someone. The person really feels invaded and defiled, and there is a lot of shame attached to that,” Engel told ABC News.

The story continues as it was told

“……as a child I was Raped and my guardians kept quite over it, with the notion that it will create a bad name for them. The issue was then settled in the house, I was even later on beaten because my guardians said it’s only a stubborn child who gets Raped. The man who Raped me was a young guy of about 18 years then and I was just 5 years old. He took me to and abandoned building and fingered me till he got satisfied. I quite remember this clearly because as it stands now the hurtful moments of that day never left.

Years passed and I get Raped by a friend. He called me up to meet him being too naive I agreed. But not knowing he has everything planned……fast forward. I know I can’t justify the fact that I decided to enter his space and wait as a taxi comes to pick me up. He began with touches, I felt coldness all over, I was in a state of shock..when he tried to put his hands in my pants. I tried to stop him, Ooh i struggled with him very well. I yelled, i cried, i begged, i pushed him off me, i kicked, i hit him, scratched his face but all was to no avail. He looked soo strong on top of me and struggling with him made things worse. I ran out of breath and couldn’t fight back anymore .He tied my hands behind my back and pulled my pants down and penetrated. Tears rolled down my eyes…as I laid there I felt stiff, it felt as if I was dying already, if felt as if I couldn’t move. After all he could say was sorry. The sorry alone Haunts me till date.”

That was the direct narration of Jessy Agyei who was Raped twice in her life without anyone knowing…she on this day has decided to let the whole world know her story.

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