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Three Books You Must Have Read by Now

Aside the intellectual benefits of reading, it also is an exercise for the brain. The worst reader should read one book every month. Reading is definitely a good habit but let’s be careful about what we read. For a man is what he thinketh. And what a man thinketh is partly what he reads.

For those holding one position or the other (Leaders), I would recommend the Strengths Based Leadership from the camp of Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. Tom Rath has written two #1 international bestsellers. His first book, How Full Is Your Bucket?, was a #1 New York Times bestseller and his most recent book, StrengthsFinder 2.0, is a long-running #1 Wall Street Journal and #1 BusinessWeek bestseller. His books have sold more than a million copies. Barry Conchie, a renowned Leadership Consultant sought after by CEOs around the world to assist in aligning business and talent strategies that drive performance. As an expert in executive assessment, team diagnostics and succession planning, he brings objective measurement and insight to these important leadership areas. Strength Based Leadership is in three parts; part one deals Investing In Your Strengths, part two with Maximizing Your Team and the other with Understanding Why People Follow. It also contains a guide to Leading with your strengths. This book is a great tool for leaders. Leaders, not limited to only organizational leaders but also anyone that manager people, Parents, Senior Siblings, Peer leaders, et al.

John L. Mason’s An Enemy Called Average is a book I won’t recommend to average people who are comfortable with mediocrity. International speaker John Mason has inspired millions of people in business, church, civic and educational settings with his unique and captivating blend of wisdom, encouragement and blunt honesty. This book contains 77 interesting and inspiring nuggets which will cause you to be up and doing already. They include, #The best time of the day is now, #A goal is a dream with a deadline, #When you refuse to change, you end up in chains, #Say no to many good ideas, #Truisms that aren’t true, #When wisdom reigns, it pours, #Stand tall by falling to your knees, #Retreat to advance, and my personal favorite, #Do more. If you want to rekindle your dreams of significance and success, if you are at the end of your rope, if you are ready to say no to procrastination, beginning from right now, then this book is for you!

Where are the males species? People who call you gentleman are actually insulting you because, you know within your heart, mind and soul that you are nowhere near that word. How To Be A Gentleman is a timely guide to timeless manners. John Bridges puts together serious cautions in this book, some of which may seem like an everyday thing but as they say, common sense is not so common afterall. John Bridges addresses issues such as, A gentleman and his cellphone, at the gym, pool, door. How to shine a shoe, a gentleman and his cologne, cap, how to tie a tie, a gentleman at the dinner table, a gentleman says the right thing, the art of conversation, how to write notes, how to shake hands, a gentleman and his female friends, the art of giving, how to be a guest, a gentleman and his boss, how to read a newspaper or book in public, addressing dignitaries.

Reading wide is an exercise that equips you with great vocabulary and information. Reading the right material will do twice as good and make you as twice as confident.


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