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The most anticipated awards ceremony of the semester ended last night in University of Education Winneba . As we all gladly know voting was money based..a vote costs 30ps each. Quite interesting right?

You wouldn’t believe after all the money thrown into these award categories, people were denied their awards without reason due to some people owing allegiance to respective individuals in their administration. The question is how can someone’s vote be worth 100 cedis and be denied an award you clearly know is theirs.

I clearly know the masses might disagree with me but let’s take a keen look at the image below. The total votes for campus blogger category.

Jacqueline Yeboah basically had the highest votes but this nominee was denied the award and it was given to Daniel Badasu of kampus today who clearly as you can see there has no vote.

Now how do you all rate this? where did all the voting money go? Are these organizers and executives trying to throw dust into our eyes? Another category like best student writer and others were given to people who had low votes.

Fast forward to the aftermath of the event, plaques were shoddy and easily breakable.

Which kind of leaders do we have, are they the ones we want out there as our future leaders?

Students, our time is now!!! let’s voice it all out.

You can please put in your comments here and suggestions.


  1. Prince Kwame Isaac

    It’s quite fascinating how u have decided to hit the nail right on the head with regards to this issue. Moreover, I believe u have had other engagements with these bunch of corrupt student leaders,so I beg to ask if this is the first ever corruption-ridden interaction you have had with them?……All the same I salute you for backing your claims with evidence.

    1. shejackiesays

      Well this isn’t the first ever corruption ridden interaction but this is the first I have with evidence. I heard a lot but never got evidence. Evidence proves it all

  2. Concerned Student

    This year’s NUGS Awards goes beyond voting (Vetting and engaging student populace sum up the total vote/mark). Voting is just 30%. Request for the other 70% before you start judging. This is just 30% of the proof you claim, where is the other 70% as a proof ?. The fact that you had the highest votes doesn’t guarantee you the ultimate prize or you been declared as a winner. Get your facts rights before you start making noise.

      1. Concerned Student

        We wanna see the full mark. Ask for it and display it here.
        And for your information i’m not part of the executives, my issue is simple, don’t have one side of the result and start pointing out blames.

  3. Cyril

    You yourself winning an award is the biggest scam. Do you know the real bloggers in uew? Spare us! You were denied that award that’s why you’re against them.
    I laughed when I heard you won an award. The team in charge of the awards are your colleagues so those who were awarded were the organizers. You shared the awards among yourselves.
    You should be thankful you won an undeserving award. We all know everything about UEW is a scam.


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