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WHAT MOTIVATES YOU Growing up, I remember my parents working hard and struggling to make ends meet. There were numerous times I wondered why my parents woke up at the crack of dawn and worked till late in the night. However, as an adult, I have come to understand that it was because of my siblings and I. We motivated them to work hard to cater to our wellbeing. What is Motivation? Motivation plays a critical factor in everything we do, without it we easily get discouraged and quit. Most people quit their careers, jobs, families at the slightest obstacle they face because they lack the will to pursue and overcome. Confucius one of the greatest philosopher and editor to have ever lived once quipped “our greatest glory is not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Motivation is what drives you to move on even when your goals seem unreachable and when family and friends have given up on you; it is the one thing that pushes you to your dreams thus it is imperative to for us as humans to figure out our motivation and passion. So I ask what drives you? What is that one thing that makes you restless at night? What is that goal you want to achieve and what is stopping you? One thing is sure in life, and that is the fact that problems and challenges are inevitable. Daily, we have to motivate ourselves to face our fears because everything we ever want is on the other side of fear. Life is not fair neither is it not easy, if it were, what will be the fun in it? Finding your passion drives you to heights you never thought were attainable. I know by now the question you are probably asking yourself is how do I know what motivates me? Chill! I have two(2) thoughts on that. ●Seek God. I am currently reading a book entitled “What on earth am I here for” by Rick Warren and he gave a pivotal example. He stated, “Imagine you were handed a new invention, one you had never seen before with no manual, and you were asked to operate it, you wouldn’t even know its purpose, and the invention wouldn’t be able to tell you either. Only the creator or the owner’s manual could reveal its purpose”. Similarly, as humans, we cannot know our purpose or motivation by looking at the outside world or ourselves. Only God can reveal that to us because he is our creator. Seek him! Don’t speculate! ●Find what makes you happy. Most people chase after money instead of their passion. Money is essential but if you find yourself in a job or career that you are not interested in, it will be hard to find the motivation to work. However, if you follow your passion, you have the daily motivation to go out there and be the best you can be. Find what you love and be happy! Henry Thoreau once quipped “ Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”. It is my utmost hope that you will find what motivates you and live a happy and prosperous life. Always remember that your background, religious orientation, the color of your skin or family does not determine whether you succeed or not but it is your determination, valor, and grit!


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