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Lifestyle segment with Jackie

You’re a few weeks into your freshman year of university and a certain campus cutie has caught your eye in class. But you’ve never had a university relationship, and you know it’s so different than high school, and you don’t spend a full school day in the same building with him five days a week. So, how do you start a relationship in uni? How do couples make it work? What should you expect?

■You’ll have more to learn about each other

Uni is different than high school in that the people you meet won’t know a lot about your past. You probably haven’t met your new SO’s parents yet and you have no idea who their friends are from home. “It was really hard for a friend of mine to accept that her boyfriend had ‘another life’ at home,”. “she wanted to be a part of it, and eventually she was, but it was a struggle at first to hear about all these people and things she had no idea about


For most girls in high school, it probably would have been impossible to have a sleepover with. Now that you’re in uni, you can have a sleepover with your partner as many nights as you want! There aren’t any parents around to say no and no one is checking in on you at night. “My boyfriend and I have sleepovers a few times a week,” says constance from central university .


No matter how much your roommate likes your BF , she probably doesn’t like them as much as you do (let’s hope!). The fact is, she might get annoyed if they’re over every day and night, and that’s something you have to consider. In high school, there was no one else around when your BF came over. Now, remember to check with your roommate before you have your PARTNER over for an extended period of time.

You’ll have to prioritize

Like in high school, you’ll have to find a balance of spending time with your partner, your friends, in outside activities, and on your schoolwork. Your friends will want to spend time with you just as much as your partner does so you’ll have to find the time. School will be a demand, too—university is all about balance.

You’ll have more freedom

You make your own schedule in college, and choosing how to spend your time is completely up to you. If you want to ditch a class to spend time with your partner, you probably won’t have to answer to anyone about it. If you decide to stay in one night and cuddle with your cutie, that’s okay.university is all about freedom—you can spend as little or as much time with your partner. “

You might have to do your relationship long-distance

Most likely, your new gf or bf isn’t from your hometown so during school breaks and vacations you’ll have to be long-distance. The two most challenging periods will be second semester breaks since they’re the longest. .

You’ll have to compromise

In high school, you probably had to take turns paying for dates or switch off visiting each other’s houses. And it’s the same in university —all relationships take compromise. . “It takes some getting used to but it’s good to be there for each other.

Every relationship you’ll ever have will be different than the one you had before it, regardless of whether it was in high school or in the university. What you have to remember is that despite the differences, there are a few things that are important in every relationship, like trust, commitment, honesty, and compatibility. Find someone in the university or college who shares your same values, and you won’t ever have to make a big change from high school to tertiart. Grow and learn together – but most of all, remember to have fun😊😊😊😊😊


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