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What to wear each day of the week

Episode 3
Occasional dressing
Dressing 4 lectures part2

What to way each day of the week

Mondays are actually busy days for me and moreover the first day of the week. It’s very necessary for one to very official and classy on such a day. This is usually expected, since everyone is expected to have washed and pressed their wears; hence starting a week is more important compared to other week days. For ladies a high waisted skirt or high waisted trouser is a necessity with a long sleeve or short sleeve. Mostly not soo brightly coloured
For my guys out there , for lectures on Monday just a nice classy Jean n a sea blue or white long sleeves with a tuck in would do.
Not forgetting the shoes for my ladies a black flat down shoe or loafers would do.
And guys oxfords would do ” lace up shoes built to be worn below a man’s ankle

Tuesday wear
This is usually expected, since everyone is expected to have washed and pressed their wears; hence starting a week is more important compared to other week days. You could wear your denim jacket on a floral gown with white sneakers and you are good to go.
For the guys a blue Jean with a lactose and a sneaker would do
be distinctive in your outfit, choose comfortable shoes, rather than struggling with sore toes since it is a lecture and not a dinner party. The shoes you put on should make you confident in your movement so as not to embarrass yourself in the midst of your new friends, since most campus environments are rocky.
Blazers are always versatile and fantastic, they can always keep you warm during cold weather, hence, pair your blazer with a fitted pencil skirt and let a tank top serve as the inner garment having the same colour with one or two of the accessories; or you can wear them over sheath dresses (sleeveless gowns), finishing it up with a statement necklace.

Better still, you can choose to put on a fitted gown, adding few accessories like watch, and bag to look more unique
Remember Wednesday’s are woman crush days

you can pair a simple built-in blouse with waist belt and skinny pants, finish it up with neutral coloured ballet flat shoes, sunglass, versatile neutral hand bag, statement ear rings and a masculine wrist watch.

For guys I would recommend shorts with sneakers and a lactose, U good to with this

Actually my best days of the week , since the hectic week is already over.
this is the last day of academic activities; you don’t need to be more casual than expected; you could decide to appear simple and fabulous with your African Ankara wears with just any flat shoe since it’s just going to be a short day activity. African Ankara usually comes in different styles, feel free to experiment it with any other material of your choice. Pair African Ankara with a top or shirt although you have to stay in the colour family, for instance, let the shirt or top match one of the flowers or design on the Ankara skirt so as not to look off with your outfits.
In our Ghanaian culture most government workers tend to wear our African prints on Friday. Looks like c a tradition.
For instance I do wear African cloths to lectures on Friday
So on this day for my ladies an african wear neatly sewn, either ways fitted straight dress or flared up skirt and blouse is all good, with flat shoes

If you do not have Ankara, you are free to tuck in partially or belt an aligned button shirt (make sure the hands are folded uniformly) and a proper under garment over your cut-away- bold-coloured maxi skirt; to make this perfect , choose a scarf that matches with the skirt, treat your feet well with flats or ankle boots and then finish it with a statement necklace

everyone has her own specific way of dressing, so always feel free to experiment with what you have at all time and always remember your purpose of coming into the campus environment so as to be able to make the proper use of the opportunity.
Above all, always wear beautiful smiles on your face which help you relate well with others even when you’re faced with certain challenges

Note🔞 These are just mere contributions to our daily lifestyles.

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