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Why I fell in love with my Ex.

Why I fell in love with my Ex by ToosweetCwesiMorris.

I could vividly picture all the moments I shared together with my Ex after our break up. We were very happy dating until one day when I refused to listen to my heart. I was very desperate to tell her we should break up and so I did that evening. It was just a little misunderstanding and some false hearsay about her but how on earth was I supposed to know that it was all rumours.

I didn’t know and so we ended up leaving the relationship behind on the 20th day of March 2011 .Gradually, I started to fall for her again so badly especially when I envisioned her physique and the lips I sucked. I loved her much and even after the break I was still chatting with her even though it took several moment before she replied me, sometimes centuries before she replied with straight forward answers.

I wasn’t angry at all, not a bit because I had realized my mistakes and have felt very remorseful for the initiation of the break up.One night, I dreamt about us and we were seen having a good time for ourselves sipping our sobolo and “chopping love”. I was very angered when suddenly my junior brother woke me up that it is past 7 so I should get going for work. I sat down and began to think about how I can win her heart back because after our break up, I hadn’t heard or seen her as though she is dating anyone not even the guy I heard was allegedly dating her.

I realized my mistakes for once, how I was quick tempered and learnt how to initiate a good conversation with a lady. Learnt more about love and how to win a lady’s heart. I had read many love books and had confided in poets to know their vibes. I carried boldness and courage, walked without fear into her house one afternoon. It was quite unfortunate I met her absence so I left a message to the younger brother who for the past four months that we broke up had never liked me and to be honest, I wasn’t hopeful that he’ll deliver my message to his sister. Few days passed, I saw her sms. It read “sorry I couldn’t reply you earlier, it was an oversight but hey I’m dating now so I guess no need for anything.”
My heart already was trembling and my thighs were shaking after I read the message, suddenly I felt the presence of being broken hearted.

However all hope was not lost yet. I started mending the broken pieces in my life and vowed that I’ll fight for what I loved. My tagline was “fighting for what I love”. This compelled me to fall in love with my Ex. I now began to apply my knowledge I had acquired in ways of loving someone and experiences I had learned from others. I sent her messages all the time, wishing her well and the guy she was dating. Sometimes I’ll call her and talk to her for a long time and we will be cracking jokes together throughout. I always made sure to put smiles on her face. I didn’t know why but I became too engulfed with the family even though she had told me that she was dating and that wasn’t part of my life, I cared less about that because I knew my stepping practice so I didn’t bother. I did all my best to make sure that she became happy. I had another moment of boldness and invited her for a picnic. This time she didn’t decline my invitation and i was really surprised. The day arrived and I became ill all of a sudden. I sent her a message and she hurriedly texted back that she’s already in my house so I should try and see her face. Surprisingly, she gave me the fruits and drinks she had bought for the picnic and wished me a speedy recuperation. Immediately she left, I had recovered. Herrh Charlie! Love can surely heal sickness oo. I saw it coming that things are surely working but I know perfectly that she’s dating. I didn’t lose hope and was still doing my routine chatting with her, making her happy, sometimes accompanying her to the market and doing other things .

To cut it short, she sent me a message just one night around 8pm. The message read
“I know how it feels to ignore someone’s feelings and love someone you are compelled to be with. I know we’ve all made mistakes in the course of our dating but i have realized the kinda remorse you have felt for your decision and your love for me after everything, the attention, and support physically and good times even after our breakup. I’m sorry for lying to you initially that I was dating after we broke up, i didn’t see any reason to get back to you initially but I thought it wise that you’re the real guy of my life from the things you did and still do when we break up. I love you and need you more than ever in my life I never dated anyone, I was only observing you after our breakup but you’ve proved to be true.

Enjoy your evening.”I was so relieved that I smiled and cried. That day was when I realized that nothing is ever too late in life, sometimes we all wish to be with that one person but we look at the person’s flaws and stay behind but that shouldn’t be a hindrance to get what our heart desires. Life is too short to think about bad things for your ex regardless of the issues. Sometimes, we’re at fault but let’s swallow our ego and fight for what we actually desire in our lives. My motivation is that I don’t give up upon what I love in life. You can learn something about my experience of getting back to my Ex.


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