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Women empowerment

*You are beautiful
You are smart
You are funny
You are kind
You are unique
You are worthy of love and affection
You are never too much n always enough
You are precious
You are a diamond
A rose a pearl
The most stunning of all God’s creation
*You are worth more than u could ever imagine
With more than the numbers on

The scale, or the hair products u use or the shoes you wear, more than how mAny ladies wish they were you or how many guys wished they had you n the price tags on your cloths, or your GPA, OR THE followers You have on Twitter,
Your worth surpasses all earthly Things because in the eyes of the Lord God, you are loved and you are worth dying for. You
*Regardless of who you think you are, whether u model in a magazine , whether u r on the hot list or not list, whether u r miss popular or never had anyone u could call a friend, whether you love yourself or u can’t stand to look in the mirror n you feel as if everything in your life is fallen apart, whether u are such a winner or you feel as the greatest loser.
*Regardless of who you are the reality is, you deserve someone who would give up their life for you
Cuz u r powerful, n strong n capable, read about the women in the bible, Esther, Ruth , Martha, Mary, these women changed the world forever,

N inside of you , each n everyone one of you is a woman with the same power n that same strength, n that same capability

That is who you are n please don’t you forget.

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