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  If you have an account on Twitter, I’m sure you have seen #YearOfKebab trending among other interesting hashtags. Certainly none of us thought ‘return’ in the most trumpeted phrase during the last quarter of 2019, ‘Year of return’ would be replaced with kebab and the reason is a funny but sad story. Couple of weeks ago the two giant nations of West Africa, Ghana and Nigeria woke up to a story circulating on social media and apparently it was great news to the staunch fans of music. CARDI B WAS BILLED TO PERFORM IN THESE TWO COUNTRIES! Before we go on, Cardi B is an American female rapper who burst into the limelight few years ago after trying her hands on rap music, probably in the course of or after her previous career as a stripper. Truth be told, she was a better stripper than she is a rapper but her ‘i don’t care’ personality, rap flow and determination saw her rise to the high tables in the American music industry. She has broken records, made huge sales and had her own fair share of controversies during these few years of her breakthrough and peak which I admire her for.

 Back to the story, intentionally or unintentionally she got these two countries talking about her right from the day of the announcement when she wrote  on her Instagram page “This song is LIT! I can’t believe Ghanaditians did a song for me coming. Africa I’m coming to you! Lagos Dec 7th, Acrra Dec 8th”. Social media users from the two countries made fun of her spellings for days and this heightened the anticipation. Fast forward to Saturday, some of us woke up to videos of her having a lot of fun in a club in Nigeria. In some of the videos which flooded our timelines, one could notice she was enjoying her stay in our neighbouring country having a good time with Burna Boy, Naira Marley and many other native artists including fans. When the show was over it was time for her to visit ‘Ghanaditians’ and repeat the great event she had with our brothers and sisters. As usual she marked her arrival with videos on her official Instagram page, showing off her expensive room in Kempiski hotel and the gorgeous view outside. After noon, news of a meet and greet spread and the ‘lucky” ones who were going have the opportunity to attend and folks like me whose only chance to experience it was through our phones were both anxious.   

Information from key sources state that  the press were the expected attendants to the meet and greet, however we realized there were a different batch of people who clearly had a higher interest. To some fans of entertainment in the country, they preferred to name this batch “Slay Queens”. The pretty Lydia Forson, controversial Afia Schwarzenegger, the ever lovely Efia Odo, the thought provoking song writer Bullet and his singer Wendy shay, our very own Becca, the too loud Akupem Poloo, Moesha and Sandra Ankobia are among the tall list of the Slay queens batch. After hours of waiting for the superstar, it was obvious  that she was not going to turn up and this angered some of the ladies and as well as some members of the press. It was alleged Cardi B was enjoying shrimps and kebab in her hotel room whiles our celebrities kum slay queens were waiting. Some left the venue and expressed their disappointment on social media through videos and words on the various platforms. During the early hours of Sunday morning, Afia Schwarzenegger who was happily announcing the arrival of her “twin”, was seen hurling heavy insults on her by evening. Wendy Shay angrily voiced out on Twitter and as usual she was met with trolls and insults.

Angry Wendy Shay voices out.

Fans react.

There have been loads of opinions and advices shared amidst the trolls that evidently Ghana as a country and it’s old but inexperienced entertainment industry have a lot to learn. CARDI B later on her Instagram apologized and confessed she didn’t know about that particular event and also she has been battling a stomach upset. Intending to portray a good picture, she fulfilled her promise and  graced the event and did what she does best later in the evening, even though some had already left. There are still plenty questions to be answered and in my view I believe it is time these local celebrities or famous ladies do something about their brands. It’s normal to be a fan of a foreign celebrity but how you react and make moves in situations like these says a lot about you. Even if they were invited by the organizers to meet with her, I think they should have had proper arrangements with them rather than how it turned up.  Were the ladies actually invited or they formed their own queue? Did they deserve the treatment? Who was at fault, the organizers, ladies or Cardi B? These are a few of the many questions being asked at the moment. Hopefully the next few days or weeks would provide answers.

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